Top Christmas present ideas for the cyclist in your life

By We Love Cycling

Buying Christmas presents can be tough at the best of times, but it can be even trickier finding that special something for avid cyclists, as those who are most enthusiastic will already have all the latest gadgets and gizmos!

First thing’s first; it’s always worth doing some sneaky detective work. Check with cycling friends to make sure you’re not doubling up – or to find out if it’s something actually worth doubling up on or having spares of.

For those who seem to have everything, all is not lost! You can pack their stocking with nifty fillers. Check out our top suggestions below…

Bike mounts

Who doesn’t need a phone mount for their bike? Whether it’s for or answering an emergency call, these are essential for any cyclist who either commutes regularly or goes on long spins. They can still answer the phone, it’s just a safer storage spot in case of any accidents. Waterproof options will always go down well with Irish cyclists and there’s never any harm in having a spare one in the drawer!

You can order universal bike mounts from Mick’s Garage here.

Cycling socks

Believe it or not, flamboyant cycling socks are the latest thing! The brighter the better, so think clashing prints, eye-watering patterns and neon as a fashion statement. Part of a growing movement to make cycling clothes generally more stylish and trendy, there appears to be no limits on just how novelty the socks are allowed to be. As an additional plus, they’re packed with custom made fibres to keep feet weathering any kind of conditions toasty warm. For once, these could be socks they might actually be grateful for!

You’ll find ideas for male cycling socks here and female cycling socks here.

Cycling gloves

Not just for the cold season – a good pair of cycling gloves are an invaluable gift for any cyclist. During the winter, they’ll keep hands from perishing in freezing conditions, while in the warmer summer months, they’ll provide a solid grip on the handlebars when it gets too warm. Striking the balance between light and warm is the challenge so look for gloves that can be used through all seasons.

You’ll find lots of options for female cycling gloves here and male cycling gloves here from Cycle Tribe.

Bottle cages

Think of bottle cages as another kind of style statement in addition to the socks and gloves. They come in 24 different colours, are made from anodized aluminum and come in a multiple different sizes. Make sure to go all out – it’s all about the colours you know!

You can purchase bottle cages from Bike Inn here.

Neck warmers

Neck warmers do exactly what they say on the tin, and are quickly becoming widely sought after as part of the Irish cycling winter essentials survival kit. Again, they’re not really something you can have too many of; when one’s in the wash, a second is key – particularly when cycling in Irish weather!

You’ll find them here.

The Cycling Chef

Nutrition is hugely popular amongst cyclists, and particularly, nutrition which benefits performance.  This one is packed with recipes and suggestions from a former Michelin star chef who now cooks for the British cycling team. We don’t think you can get any better than that!

Purchase it from Eason here.

If you’re looking for dinner inspiration that cyclists will love, we’ve got you covered with winter warmer recipes here.