20 New Years’ Cycling Resolutions for 2020

By Adam Marsal

We do this every year. As December nears to an end, we start evaluating what we did right and wrong, believing that the upcoming year we’ll do it all better. Promises made to ourselves in our minds matter only as long as we can keep on fulfilling them. Nobody gets angry if we break them unless we shout them out loud. Let’s do it now. Next year, we will…

1. Stop persuading relatives to join cycling

2. Cease buying hot new stuff that you already have

3. Leave Strava off to enjoy the ride itself – just for the one time

4. Forget about sharing my Strava records on social media where nobody cares anyway

5. Take part in the local race you’ve been talking about for so long

Catching Breath Challenge

6. Start the blog about cycling experiences you’ve craved to share since your last year’s resolution

7. Quit complaining about the road traffic as there will always be some

8. Manage to get fit enough to be able to apply for the L’Étape du Tour race in France

9. Upgrade your lighting sets to be better visible on night rides

10. Commute to work daily regardless of the weather

11. Finish each shower with a goddamn cold water

12. Spend more time with stretching and yoga to prevent that horrible back pain

13. Learn to perform the wheelie as good as Peter Sagan

14. Reduce coffee drinking to four cups a day

15. Spend money on a charity benefiting kids in Africa longing to have their own bikes

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16. Bottle up conversations about how great was your day on bike among the non-cycling audience

17. Let your family enjoy this year’s summer holiday with your irresistible bike out of reach

18. Stop ridiculing your older colleagues taking part in these funny spinning lessons

19. Start taking your dog out to the countryside using your mountain bike

20. Clean the bike right after each and every ride in the rain or mud