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What's your cycling type?

Are you a Globetrotter, a Debutant, or maybe a Fashionista? Answer a few questions and find out what cycling type you are.

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They say that the head of the family ‘wears the pants’. In this family, you wear bicycle shorts. You often lead the pack – not for speed but for safety. Always keeping on the paved road, you guide and protect others from the hidden dangers, which lay off course.

Some may call it ‘motherly’. Others may say; ‘you’re not my mom’. Thus, in relationships, try not be too overbearing. On the roads of love, you may find there’s a world of excitement ‘off the beaten path’, so learn to take a detour and enjoy.

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Who needs A to Z when you can just go from A to B? In fact your whole life is A to B. Detours are an epic waste of time, for when it comes to practicality, there’s no one more down to earth than you.

You keep relationships simple - stripping away the fluff to keep things to the core. This is great, as you don’t get caught up in drama - but bare in mind that in love, no one wants to eat vanilla all the time… and every good bicycle has a complex set of gears.

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They (you know who...) may laugh when they see you huffing and puffing your way back into shape, but they just be hatin’. Don’t worry, you’ve been making progress - the scale says so. At least once a week you take out your carbon-fibre, mile munching beast for a ride and you know that if you stick to your guns, you will soon resemble a middle-aged, Greek God on wheels.

Your dedication and perseverance are a strong pillar for relationships. Your future is brighter and fitter. In fact you’ll soon find, that the haters who be hatin’ will turn into lovers who be lovin’. Just keep pedalling.

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Green as a blade of grass, you may tremble. But fear not! For what you lack in experience on the roads of life, you make up with a wide-eyed wonder. You notice things others tend to pass by and every experience is treated like a new discovery.

The thrill of doing things for the first time might be difficult to resist. But for your own good, learn to take a moment to test the path before you pedal through. Regardless, you’re always one to find something exciting, even in the most mundane situations. Life, for you, is richer and more fulfilled on any road you venture.

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You’re the life of the party, and the road. To you, if someone passes by in a speedy blur, they’re doing it wrong! Who cares who crosses the finish line first? It’s who’ll be remembered that’s important!

Always in on the latest trends, life is much brighter with you around, though you sometimes are guilty of having style over substance. This might lead to ever changing paths in love, but then again, what’s to worry? There’s always something fresh and new around the bend.

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You take pride in the fact you’ve been down more roads than Google Street View. You’ve ridden everywhere. From the peaks of Pyrenees to Route 66 to Australia’s national landmark – The Big Banana.

These adventures have given you hundreds of experiences which help you see problems from a safe distance. In relationships, things are never boring. In fact, if anyone is looking for a partner who has an exotic or even kinky way of doing things, they just need to ride your way.

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Bigger, better, faster, more! These are the things that drive you forward. When you saw your first fixed gear, you were baffled. Why only one gear? In fact, how many could fit on it? You’re constantly ahead of the curve. Granted, sometimes the curve heads where it wasn’t supposed to… but for you it is just another opportunity.

In life and love, you always keep things interesting and fresh… If anyone can think of a way to spice things up, it’s you. Just be wary of the constant need to improve things by trying to reinvent the wheel.

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You seem to enjoy looking down at the rest of the world, and what better place to do so than from atop a mountain? Yet the view from the peak is almost as good as the scenery on the way up. You tackle rough terrain with ease and blaze trails where only few dare. Your versatile outlook makes life easier for you.

In relationships, you simply don’t care whether you are on the top or the bottom, as long as it’s close to nature. The future holds a lot of ups and downs, so be mindful that the climate changes when you least expect it… just like in the mountains.

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Time Trialist

You probably took this test as quick as possible, which is great because the relaxed, scenic route isn’t your cup of tea. You are fast. Really fast. And while being fast is great when you’re being chased by a tiger, in everyday life it may be a cause for concern.

For example, being the fastest isn’t the most important quality in romantic relationships but you certainly solve problems fast. The future is bright for you, and you’ll certainly get there, well... quick enough.

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In your time, things were simpler. People were nicer to each other. They weren’t looking at their smartphones compulsively. The manners were good and the air was clean. Sure, some stuff was more difficult but no less fun. Riding a bike without GPS, energy drinks or ultra-light carbon fibre frames was just as great as it is now.

Oh, those were the times! If only these young guns knew how it used to be…. But fear not! As the more you keep pedalling, the more people will look to you for not only advice, but for leadership. This works well in relationships, as everyone appreciates an ‘experienced’ rider, both on the road and off.

  • What type of road do you like the most?
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  • What’s the longest distance you’ve ever ridden?
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