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Last-Minute Gifts for the Cyclist on Your List

By Megan Flottorp

Christmas is now, quite literally, just around the corner. We could give you a hard time about leaving things until the last minute but the truth is that we can relate. So, chiding and scolding aside, let us put your mind at ease by assuring you there is still time to buy quality presents for the cyclists on your list.

Regardless of your budget and shopping window availability, read on to find something that will put on a smile on the face of your favourite bike lover.

E-vouchers to the rescue  

Now, we are not going to pretend this is the most original idea on the list but it is a gift that is sure to be both used and appreciated. E-gift vouchers are also ready instantaneously, so if it is already Christmas morning when you read this, you are in luck!

If you know there is a brand your loved one prefers, you can score some extra thoughtful points by buying there. Regardless, there are plenty of great cycling companies that offer e-vouchers that you can feel good about supporting this holiday season. Check out our list of women-owned cycling companies for inspiration.

Sweat towels for your indoor cycling fanatic

If you have an indoor trainer fanatic in your life, take our word for it when we assure you that they could use more sweat towels. Any small to mid-sized microfibre towel will do the trick. This handy item may not be glamorous, but you can rest assured the recipient will be grateful for you as it catches the sweat while they are Zwifting all winter long. Also, you should be able to find these easily at your local home improvement or hardware store.

Energy bars will never go to waste

If you need to combine gift shopping with a trip to the grocers, a nice selection of energy bars is all you need to make a dedicated cyclist smile. For many cyclists, a compact power bar is their go-to energy top-up as they ride. These days, you can likely find lots of all-natural and plant-based options anywhere they sell food. There’s a wide range of different flavours for plenty of variety, and most taste great too. Just be sure to keep in mind any dietary restrictions or preferences of the person you are shopping for.

Homemade cycling vouchers for an affordable and heartwarming gift

If you are short on time and cash this holiday season but have ample motivation to show your cyclist that you care, consider making some cute homemade cycling coupons. This precious gift will make clear that you understand and support their chosen hobby. Coupons could include things like a bike wash, a free pass to spend the day out riding or even a post-ride meal ticket. Find some inspiration here.

A reliable flask for cold winter rides

A quality flask is another last-minute gift that should be easy to track down at your local sports or outdoor store. On a frigid day, you can’t underestimate the benefit of a hot drink, and an insulated flask will help power your cyclist through many a chilly ride.

Bring some cycling magic to a Kindle near you

A good book is a classic Christmas gift that will help keep your beloved cyclist entertained during the Christmas to New Year’s annual time warp. And lucky for you, with the proliferation of e-readers, there is a good chance that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to gift a thought-provoking, bike-inspired read. One such suggestion? Check out The Art Of Cycling by James Hibbard. A nice change of pace from other cycling-related books, this one dives deep into the fascinating mind of a rider questioning the motivation behind everything they’ve worked for and dedicated their lives to.

Show some love with recovery cream

If you want to feel a jolt of appreciation every time your giftee winds down from a challenging ride, get them some recovery cream. Post-ride, they can rub themselves down with some restorative and soothing cream and give thanks to the kind soul helping them kick-start their recovery. We love PREMAX Sour Cherry Recovery Cream but you should be able to find plenty of excellent options at your local cosmetic store or chemist. That means you can combine a last-minute shopping trip with picking up cough syrup for the kids.

Donate to a cycling organisation they care about

Finally, if the cyclist on your list is big on sharing the gift of cycling, why not donate to a cycling charity in their name?PeopleForBikes is one of the world’s most prominent cycling advocacy groups, and they contribute to other national cycling charities to make the world a safer place to ride. It sounds like a cause worth supporting!

So, there you have it! We hope your holiday gift dilemmas have been solved, and you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the best of what this festive time of year has to offer. Happy Holidays!