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10 Inspiring Christmas Presents for Your Cyclist Partner

By Charlotte Murray

There are only so many times you can buy a pair of socks with bikes on for your partner. Yes, they are useful. Yes, everybody loves a new pair of socks. But you have to push the boat out occasionally. So we’re here to inspire you with gifts for your cyclist partner that they are sure to love.

Muc-off ultimate bicycle cleaning kit

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like asking your partner not to drag their muddy bike through the house for the hundredth time. Show them you really mean it by buying them an ultimate bicycle cleaning kit. It makes cleaning a bike that little bit more exciting when you’ve got a fresh set of cleaning products for the job.

Bike-wheel clock

This bike-wheel clock is a great minimalist way of showing the world that they love their bike. You can let them know how approving you are of their hobby by displaying their one true love (sorry) in your home. If you’re feeling extra giving and you’ve not left buying gifts until the last minute, you could even try making your own if you have an old wheel lying around.

Bike wheel clock

Two Wheels Good: The History and Mystery of the Bicycle

For the literature lovers out there, Two Wheels Good was released in August this year and is a great insight into the history of our two-wheeled friends, as well as looking forward to the future of the bicycle. Lots of information is packed into this book, and your cyclist partner is sure to discover great facts they can share at parties!

Personalised bike multitool

Never let your cyclist partner leave the house without their multitool – you’re less likely to have to rescue them from the side of the road! This multitool gets extra points as it’s bicycle-shaped AND it’s personalised. A combination of a bottle opener, flat and cross-head screwdrivers as well as various miniature spanners, this tool might be better suited to a camping trip but you never know – maybe they like to carry a bottle of beer on a bike ride.

Bike multitool

Cycling Art Print: Nicknames of the Peloton

The greatest riders in cycling’s history have all had nicknames – whether positive or even negative. A camaraderie between fans and riders is a possible reasoning for these nicknames and is representative of their talent.

These nicknames are matched to a jersey they’re famous for wearing and lovingly presented on a framed print. A colourful addition to your partner’s home office or it can take a place of pride in the bedroom.

Cyclist – Climb: The most epic cycling ascents in the world

Another one for the bookworms in our lives. Cyclist – Climb came out in October this year and explores 35 of the most difficult climbs the world has to offer, including some of the popular greats alongside some lesser-known but equally brutal climbs. Expect route maps, altitude charts and beautiful pictures. They might even be inspired to take you on that cycling holiday you’ve been pining after to tackle one of these climbs.

USB rechargeable bike lights

Having lights on your bike, especially over winter, is essential. To keep your cyclist partner safe during the darker hours, they should have charged lights at hand at all times. Having a set that is rechargeable means they can put them on charge as soon as they return home, ready for the next outing. Even if they already have a set of lights, it’s great to have a spare set so you’re always ready to go.

There are plenty of options out there to give your bike-bonkers other half, so if nothing else, these may provide a bit of inspiration. Whatever you get, we’re sure they’ll love it anyway. Happy gift-giving!