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What to Do Off the Bike to Compliment What You Do on It by Juliet Elliott

By Juliet Elliott

Despite the numerous and varied health benefits, spending hours and hours cycling can leave your body in need of a little TLC. So, we spoke to Lucy Poole, aka The Cycling Physio, to get her advice on the best way to recover from a ride. Below are five things you should do after every bike outing.

Try incorporating the following steps into your post-ride routine to ensure you get the most out of your training.

1. Stretch

Stretch the main muscle groups for ten minutes paying particular attention to any tight areas. Many cyclists have tight hip flexors due to the riding position so watch the video to see a great stretch for targeting the hip flexors specifically.

2. Take on some protein

Studies have shown that consuming protein after a workout can enhance recovery. Branded protein mixes are simple and convenient but chocolate milk is also a good choice.

3. Rehydrate

4. Go for a walk

Getting upright after being slumped forwards over a bike for hours will help reset your posture.

5. Sleep

“This is when the magic happens,” says Lucy. “Your body repairs and recovers ready for the next training effort so prioritise a quality night’s sleep wherever possible.”

Time spent addressing niggles and pains or strengthening areas of weakness is never time wasted and adding these five post-ride steps will positively impact your health and your cycling-specific training.

With thanks to Lucy Poole, the Cycling Physio.