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We Love Cycling Experience: Visiting Café du Cycliste in Nice

By Adam Marsal

During our stay in Nice this year while the Tour de France took place, we found a must-see coffeehouse for any cyclist. What makes Café du Cycliste a special place?

Located at the quay of the old port of Nice, it’s easy to access by bike if you cycle alongside the beautiful sea-view promenade. Café du Cycliste is not only a place where you can find the best iced coffee in town but also a bike shop selling own clothing brand. You can borrow cycling magazines or books of the shelves of the café and sit down at one of the tables scattered around the shop. The walls are filled with racks holding cycling jerseys, bibs and accessories. While sitting on a bench outside of the store, we enjoyed listening to the story of the brand.

Cafe du Cycliste Nice
A coffee? Or new cycling shoes? © Jakub Frey

The company was founded by Rémi Clermont and André Stewart some eleven years ago on the Côte d´Azur, in a typical café nestled in the heart of the hinterland mountains. The passion for cycling made the founders call the pub Café du Cycliste. The coffeehouse moved to Nice in 2015 after acquiring a spacious place in the heart of the old port.

Škoda Superb
Café du Cycliste exterior. © Jakub Frey

A former boathouse and art gallery now serves as a resting spot, café and clubhouse. According to the coffeehouse manager, there was a demand to create a gathering place for cyclists and this is why the founders decided to give them such a meeting point where they can start or end their rides and enjoy a cup of coffee, which is actually roasted nearby in the old Nice.

Cafe du Cycliste Interior
A former boathouse turned into a resting spot. © Jakub Frey

Cyclists visiting the town are encouraged to join regular weekend rides that are held from the shop. The riders can choose from Saturday trips of up to 50 km or longer Sunday loops that are arranged in distances between 70 and 80 km. On top of that, the pub hosts various official events such as the presentation of the Explore Corsica. When major races are being broadcasted on TV, such as the Tour de France, Strade Bianche or Milan San Remo, people come to meet at the café to follow the event together on the screen. “Cycling is not just about pressing the pedals, there is a hint of French cycling philosophy around it,” the manager says. Cyclist or not, anyone is welcome to have a coffee, take advantage of their services or rent a bike. It is simply a place you should not miss when you find yourself visiting Nice.