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This Cycling Umbrella Will Help You Keep Dry on a Rainy Day

By Monica Buck

We’re all too familiar with the dilemma cyclists face every time they wake up to streets filled with rainwater. Should I head out in a raincoat and or should I take the car today? The company Senz° offers a third option. Don’t want your hairstyle to get messed up? You might want to give the Senz° umbrella a go.

The handlebar attachment costs €39,90 and is sold exclusively on the Senz°‘s website. Besides shielding you from rain, the company is also proud of the fact that their bike-mounted umbrellas make cyclists look like they’re straight out of Mary Poppins (while still keeping them grounded on the pavement). And who wouldn’t want that?

The company proved to be quite successful, managing to sell thousands of their bike-mounted umbrellas in just few months after the launch. They became a part of the new wave of products invented specifically for commuters, which has been growing exponentially over the last couple of years. Do you use some gadgets on your commuter bike? A cup holder maybe? Something else? Let us know in the comments.