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Bike Thief Prohibited from Approaching Any Bike

By Martin Mrazek

Trying to figure out the most effective punishment for a bike thief? How about a life-time ban from riding bicycles or even going within four metres of one? John Liddicoat received the great honour of getting both.

The Englishman has 48 convictions for 142 offences, including a great number of stolen bicycles.

“He has a tendency to take anything which is not bolted down. You have an appalling record, you are incapable of behaving yourself and you have not learnt your lesson,” said the judge Ian Lawrie and sentenced the heroin addict to three-and-a-half years in prison plus the unusual life-time ban and restraining order.

Bicycle thief takes wire cutters to steal chained up bike.

If he is ever to break his punishment, the court will send him to jail for another five years. John Liddicoat is the first person in the UK to receive this kind of sentence.

Would you like it to become more common? Watch our own way of justice in the video below!