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Riding Santa doesn’t need reindeers

By Angie Ng

It’s that time of the year again! No matter what this holiday season means to you, there’s always a reason for wearing a costume. Of course, the most popular costumes of this season belong to Santa and his team.

Photo: Baltimoresun.com

Here is Santa rocking to some serious holiday tunes while biking with two of his little helpers.

Photo: Bikeforrest.com

This reindeer just needed to take a little break…. on his little bike.

Photo: bikepilgrim via Instagram

Bringing a good little girl or boy a Christmas tree while the reindeer are resting…. Wait, who asked for a tree for Christmas?

Photo: bicyclefriends.com

Here’s a picture of Santa with what appears to be a sack of presents (that had better not be a sack of potatoes!).

Photo: bicycledutch

Here is one of Sinterklaas’ helpers getting spotted by the paparazzi in the Netherlands.

Photo: wisconsinbikefeed

Here are another two of Santa’s helpers getting photographed. Work hard, play hard, right?

Photo: georgegger via Instagram

Here is Santa in partial costume. This is especially useful for when he’s delivering presents in warmer climates.

Photo: deckhim via Instagram

Here is another one of Santa’s reindeer team enjoying some warm weather on a day off. I don’t know which of the reindeer he is, but I’m pretty sure he’s not Rudolph….

Photo: kettenrad.ch

Here is Sammichlaus with his sidekick, Schmutzli, in Switzerland. So, are you going to get a present this year from Santa or a thrashing from the other guy? Who’s been naughty this year?!