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Days are getting shorter

By Honza Koran

Autumn equinox – an equivalent of winter’s declaration of war for a cyclist – passed by only a few days ago and it means that less sunlight and lower temperatures will accompany us on the ride. But don’t worry! We won’t talk about frozen body parts just yet. This is what you can look forward to in next few weeks on WeLoveCycling.

Italian mountains – because it was unforgettable

Last month we had a great time – while our weaker colleagues tried not to break down because of the steep Dolomites gradient – on the Sellaronda Bike Day. Have you seen the pictures posted on our Instagram?

We also had our camera crew with us so we will show you not only the landscape, but mainly how our gang performed on different types of bikes from (almost) all-forgiving e-bikes – one of which broke down after just 6 kilometres – to road specials from Festka.

Traffic, cities and commuting

We know – we didn’t pay enough attention to urban cycling in recent weeks. But now that everyone’s back home, full of new experiences and still thinking about the last cycling trip, the reality strikes back. Lot of us is commuting daily and that comes with more or less problems depending on the level of our commitment.

Buying warmer clothes, choosing a new bike, trying to find that lost tail light (read about our emergency solution) or just refreshing the urban cycling safety rules after the weeks spent on abandoned country roads – you name it. We just want to spend some time talking about what’s new in the world of urban cycling.

The rest is all fun

We don’t want to be all too serious and because of that we will talk about alcohol and cycling (it won’t be a review), we are going to interview our a man who makes wooden bikes (are wood–worms a real danger?) and we will get to know closer those peculiar people whose idea of a great Sunday is to dress into tweed, smoke a pipe and take their historical bicycle for a ride together with their friends – wait, that actually sounds awesome.

The Tweed Run, an annual cycling event in London

And you know what? Our film crew won’t goof off either. They will be shooting our new feature about bike stealing in Rome, Amsterdam and Prague. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes info.