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We Love Cycling Crew, welcome to Eurobike

By Adam Marsal

Once a year the cycling world turns it’s attention to Friedrichshafen, Germany. As the world’s leading trade fair, Eurobike is a pivotal point in the cycling calendar. All the latest innovations, companies, cycling trends plus hundreds of journalists from all over the world. It can all be found here.

For the first time in 2014, Eurobike Demo Day had been held directly on the exhibition grounds. Again in 2015, Demo Day for trade visitors and journalists took place on the Exhibition Parking Lot East. The test conditions in the adjacent forest, the dirt roads and the streets surrounding the exhibition grounds, were in top form to ride.

The day before the show, top international brands present the wares and products they have been developing for the coming season. Last year, 2,642 trade visitors and 784 journalists from all over the world came to Demo Day to try the latest road bikes, ebikes, recumbents, folding bikes and mountain bikes. This year the numbers were even bigger. Here are some pictures of the things that we found interesting and fun.

Stay tuned for exclusive news from the biggest cycling trade fair on Earth!

Gaspi shows the new trend of 27+ fat tyres, which should be more comfortable in rough terrain.

Not only bicycles but also a variety of tricycles were prepared for the tests. Fatter tyres give you more power!

In a desire to spare the weight of the suspension forks, some designers think up weird things.

Shimano introduced an electric shifting mechanism on the XTR range, which showed the selected gear on a digital display. So now you’re like sitting in a rally car!

There were a lot of experts everywhere.

We Love Cycling crew is reflecting in helmet heaven.