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Looking for a perfect trail in Sardinia

By Adam Marsal

The ,Zam Project is focused on exploring the world on a bike. It is the brain child of of mountain biking freerider Richard Gaspi Gasperotti. Gaspi continued the adventure this summer with Zam4. His new destination was Sardinia and We Love Cycling editor Adam Marsal was there to document it.

,Zam means journey in the Mongolian language. It’s not only a never-ending journey, but also a way to explore the most fascinating places in the world, which are just begging to be discovered. The tour begun in 2012 when Gaspi and his friends departed to the remote Mongolian Altai mountains to explore wild and undiscovered slopes and trails.

,Zam crew in Sardinia

During the Mongolian expedition, they travelled fifteen thousand kilometres in a specially adapted van, which became their means of transportation, the base camp and an escort vehicle for the crew of four. During the expedition, one of the crew members, Martin Smolik, filmed for the movie ,Zam. The documentary gained critical acclaim at international film festivals. Shortly afterwards, the guys won fourth place in the international online poll for the Adventurer of the Year 2012! After that, they made more trips to Sicily and New Mexico in the United States of America.

,Zam crew in Sardinia

Well what to say about Sardinia? It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and before Cyprus) and a autonomous region of Italy. While the beaches are visited by thousands of tourists every year, the inland’s backcountry stays untouched and wild. The highest mountains reach over 1800m. Gaspi and his crew wanted to travel through the island to discover the best trails and locations.

Looking for a perfect trail is like a game

If you want to get to the island with your car, you need to take a ferry boat from an Italian harbour like Livorno. You jump onboard in the evening and right after the daybreak you arrive. The crew arrived to Olbia and traveled in a south westerly direction. Every day they made stops when they liked some part of the countryside.

,Zam crew in Sardinia

Looking for a perfect trail is like a game. Sometimes you’re full of hope and you believe there will be nice trails over there, but you can’t get over the fences or walls and it’s a complete failure. Another time you discover a beautiful area with trails running almost to the coast.

The ,Zam team got in touch with many locals who helped us massively. The mountain biking community in Sardinia is not so big, but they are insane. They ride great and everyone was super friendly and helpful. Gaspi would like to thank the crew around Globike Bike Shop and Roberto from the fantastic city of Cala Gonone, who showed him some trails from their boat.

Stay tuned for an action movie which will be out at the end of August when the ,Zam crew is going to make it’s premiere at the Eurobike show in Meersburg, Germany. The WeLoveCycling team will be there too, so we will bring you more news on that later.