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Photo report: Hot news from Taipei Cycle Exhibition

By Adam Marsal

Taipei Cycle is one of to the biggest bicycle exhibitions in the world besides Eurobike in Meersburg and Interbike in Las Vegas. We Love Cycling editor Adam Marsal reports from Taiwan.

Every year many cyclists are enthusiastically expecting what news will be revealed at this bike show. The trends for the next season are set here along with presentations of wild ideas and cool gizmos that make your cycling life easier (or they’re supposed to).

It’s like Christmas for those who were born with handlebars in their hands. Let’s see our photo report to be a part of this great celebration of cycling.

Colors are trendy. You can choose whatever component in any kind of hue for your next bike: doesn’t matter if crank set, wheels or tires.

This is what makes the difference. Almost all exhibitions stand in Taipei have their own flower decoration. In the hall it smells like being in a botanic garden. Welcome to Asia!

Traveling by underground in Taipei you hardly see a person without a smartphone in their hands. No surprise that people want to keep their precious dry even in the monsoon rains.

The size of wheels is definitely growing. It’s started on 26’’, than it was 27,5’’ and 29’’. But who wants to ride giants like those?

With emancipation of minorities it has come a time to answer the question: where are the bikes for Hobbits?

Want to make some noise? Use this trumpet which lets other people on the street know that you’re coming. The device is fed by air from the air container under the frame. Use compressed air via your bike pump and it will last for fifty honks.

Different approaches on how to lock your bike in front of the pub. The first one is hidden in your seat post, so you don’t have to look for your lock like you always do. Simple, smart, useful. The other solution is for all the fans of 50 shades of grey.

Pimp up your bike with camouflage pedals. Or whatever else.

Revolution in saddle contractions. Do you have some medical issues after hours spent on your saddle? Try this U-Chien dpardo T Type Healthy Saddle!

This tri really makes fun as it’s constructed for perfect drifts.

Simple ideas are always welcomed. Like the grips made of steel wires. They were really comfortable in the palms, but we can’t say if it’s so also after hundred miles of riding…

The difference between the exhibition and the bike shop is that at the exhibition you can find weird stuff that would probably never be sold to most customers. But you never know and the businessmen try hard.

Sometimes it’s nice to see healthy alternatives to hydrolytic sports drinks.