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In the Fix: Berlin vs. Moscow Part 2

In the first part of In the Fix we showcased what a fixed-gear bicycle is and what it’s like to ride one. Now we continue our brakeless adventure, hearing what the authorities and politicians have to say.

Two concrete jungles – Berlin and Moscow – one passion for fixies. We present to you In the Fix Part 2!


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Braking the law

In the second part of our short documentary we interviewed Rainer Paetsch, the Head of traffic accident control in Berlin. He explained there are clear rules concerning brakes. Yet he feels its not necessarily the lack of brakes which makes you dangerous, it’s more about the mindset of the cyclist.


Because of these rules, people driving cars in Berlin are considerate to people driving bicycles. Anselm Holthaus, a Berlin messenger, reminds us that “99% of the time, people follow the rules”.

Moscow is the flipside to Berlin

In stark contrast in Moscow the police as well as drivers don’t pay attention to cyclists at all. Some fixed gear fanatics would probably think it’s great but as a result you are all alone as a cyclist in Moscow. You must be alert and focused at all times. The best mindset is to have no fear.

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