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In the Fix: Berlin vs. Moscow Part 1

There are two urban jungles which couldnt be more contrasting when it comes to traffic regulations and safety. Yet they share the same emerging subculture of fixed gear bicycle fanatics. 

Now is the time to reveal this fascinating world to you! We present the first part of our exclusive film – In The Fix.


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A Crazy city where everything is possible

Fixed gear bikes – often without brakes – seem to fit better in Moscow rather than any other city on the planet. Hotheaded motorists not respecting lane discipline. Wide streets, looking like great seas of asphalt . Drivers show little to no care for highway code regulations, whatsoever. The true survival of the fittest. Or fastest.


An ideal environment for hurtling between cars at crazy speeds, brakeless and fixed. As you can see in our movie – local fixed gear zealots are making the best out of these circumstances and finding their freedom to ride fixed.

Where they ban the hell out of you

On the other hand in Berlin – this ‘safety first’ obsessed German megalopolis – is always sure to ‘verboten’ (ban) everything that is even remotely dangerous, or fun. Cycling without brakes – are you out of your mind? Verboten!


If you ride brakeless in Berlin, expect a fine from the Police. Yet the temptation and desire for being fixed gear in a flat, well ordered and well disciplined city, is appealing. Nothing can stop you. Well, except maybe a concrete wall!

What makes people strip down their bicycle to a single gear and ‘break the law’ by making their daily commute, a stunt-like performance?

In the Fix has got the answers and offers you a unique insight into the fixed gear bike scene in Berlin and Moscow. Stay tuned for the Part 2!