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Bikes In The Car

By Adam Marsal

Do you need to transport your bikes by car? The new SKODA Octavia Scout offers special features just for cyclists.

We will probably agree that all cars have a steering wheel, engine, four wheels and you can drive them. Then there are cars that are a pleasure to drive.

(Photo: WeLoveCycling.com)

1. Introducing Scout

The new SKODA Octavia Scout is a car for drivers who want a lot of experience. With most cars you have to stay on the hard roads, but Scout can handle any surface. It’s not an off-road and it certainly doesn’t look like one. However the elevated ride height compared to standard Octavia, the plastic protectors of the engine, undercarriage and fenders together with the four wheel drive, make Scout a car destined for country trips. Lovers of mountain biking can now venture where others will not dare, even on snow and gravel.

Scout is offered in three different engine sizes, which offers many practical solutions for differing needs. Cruise control, driving assistant, breaking assistant, a spacious roof window, heated seats with a heating timer, helping you to relax and enjoy the driving.

(Photo: WeLoveCycling.com)

Driving a Scout is a pleasure. You can choose between economical and sporty style. The fifth generation Haldex transmission and 17 inch wheels will ensure your safety and comfort in every situation. The large trunk offers ample space for adventure. Including our special features just for cyclists, typical for SKODA cars.

2. Bike Racks

Cyclists need to transport their bikes. There are several ways to go about it. The simplest might be the bike rack, which is mounted behind the car on the tow bar. SKODA offers one that is easy to install and will carry two bikes weighing up to 36 kilograms. To make sure the bikes will not hinder access to the luggage space, the rack folds via a lever, allowing easy access to the trunk space.

All very good but not every car is equipped with a tow bar. So let’s take a look at some alternatives.

3. Roof Rack

Transporting bikes on a roof rack is nothing new. The difference today is in the details. The progress never stops, so roof racks today are much more practical, safer and lighter than they used to be. The bike holder designed to be mounted on a SKODA roof rack is made from an aluminum alloy, so it does not put excessive additional weight on the roof. The unique mount system allows for transportation of up to four bikes.

(Photo: WeLoveCycling.com)

The big advantage is quick and simple installation. Simply lifting the bike and placing it on the rack is most of the effort required. We’ve even tried it using mountain bikes with thick tyres and it never became a problem. Once the bike is in position on the rack, you just fix the bike with a catch on a lower frame bar. The rack can be locked, so your bikes are always safe. The mounting or dismounting of the bike will not take you longer than two minutes. Unclip. Lift. Ride.

(Photo: WeLoveCycling.com)

4. Interior Holder

For SKODA Roomster, Yeti, Octavia Combi and Superb Combi we have one more interesting solution. Do you want to transport a bike without putting it on the roof or a tow bar rack? Sounds too good to be true? Well you need to try the interior holder, which will fix up to two bikes in a vertical position.

(Photo: WeLoveCycling.com)

Why is this better than just putting them in the trunk? You avoid scratching the interior of the car, the bikes and your ride will be more comfortable and safer. The installation will take you just a couple of minutes. Lower the back seats and clip the holder into the interior steel hooks.

(Photo: WeLoveCycling.com)

Then remove the front wheel and fix the forks into the holder, with a quick release screw and fix the frame with a strap. Make sure the rack is deep enough into your trunk, so the handlebars will obstruct the door. The biggest advantage we’ve found to this method, is that you do not have to put the bikes on the roof. This means better car aerodynamics creating a lower average gas consumption.