Next in Line to Run the We Love Cycling Instagram Is Juliet Elliott

By We Love Cycling

You might have noticed the change on our Instagram: the experts are in charge now. You can talk to them directly and they can pass their knowledge directly onto you. The ever-inspiring Juliet Elliott is next. She’s a passionate cyclist, an adventurer and a YouTuber working closely with Škoda UK and their cycling chapter, which is focused on getting more women into cycling. You’ll learn all about various cycling disciplines, training, day-to-day life and much more.

Juliet can best be described as a multi-discipline racer, skilled in just about everything from fixed gear, cyclocross, and mountain biking to gravel. She also has a penchant for bikepacking. Her approach to social media is that “riding a bike makes me happy, so it’s nice to be able to share that with people,” and it’s paying off. Named one of Bike Biz’s Most Influential Women in Cycling, and a Woman to Watch by YouTube, Juliet has become an award-winning blogger and creative who enjoys sharing inspirational cycling stories on diverse platforms, including her blog Bikes n’ Stuff.

Juliet Elliott

We Love Cycling readers already know Juliet from one of the Ride2Unite podcast. Those who listened know they can expect refreshing directness, insights and invaluable advice – all wrapped up in a well-spoken and entertaining package.

We will drop the name of another expert soon. Watch this space!