The Best Holiday Gifts to Please Women Cyclists

By Megan Flottorp

If you’ve got a cyclist in your life, you likely don’t need us to tell you that we two-wheel warriors are prone to be fond of gadgets and accessories for our beloved bikes. Of course, another bike is also welcome too but if that’s not in your budget, rest assured that you can still deliver a ton of joy with a more accessibly-priced item to help enhance the ride. 

Although many gifts are suitable for all riders, we wanted to take some time to highlight a few things we find particularly well-suited to women who ride. From companies who have invested extensively in perfecting gear for a woman’s anatomy to products from great women-owned cycling companies—here are a few cycling gifts for women, guaranteed to put a massive smile on the face of your favourite woman cyclist.

A Terry Saddle

Terry women's saddle

All hail the perfect saddle! Terry is the leader for women’s cycling saddles—and for a good reason! They have more than a dozen different saddle options for various riding styles, from century enthusiasts to recreational cyclists. The Terry Butterfly Century has won praise across the board for offering a comfy ride even on those very long journeys, so definitely check one out! If you’re not sure which would be best suited for your lady friend, though, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Terry’s customer service team who offers excellent guidance and is more than happy to help!

KICKR SNAP Power Trainer and/or Zwift Membership

If you’ve got a dedicated cyclist who has yet to join the ranks of the power-trainer community, make 2022 their year! There are plenty of trainers out there to choose from but the Wahoo KICKR Snap Power Trainer comes in at a much lower price point than similar models while still offering the authenticity of feeling the hills and climbs.

And, of course, a sweet new power trainer deserves a motivating Zwift membership to go along with it! As the leading sponsor of the inaugural Tour de France Femmes set to take place next year, Zwift has indeed put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting women’s cycling. So, in addition to giving the gift of being able to ride virtually with other people on a variety of different cycling courses and destinations—supporting the Zwift community is something you can both feel good about.

Women’s PEARL iZUMi Quest Barrier Convertible Cycling Jacket

Pearl Izumi Cycling Jacket

For those who prefer to stick to the outdoors for their cycling needs, an excellent convertible jacket could make the perfect gift to facilitate four-season riding. When the weather can change at the drop of a hat, it is critical to have high-performance gear that can adapt to unpredictable conditions. This reasonably-priced jacket from Japanese cycling brand Pearl iZUMi ticks all the boxes. The ultra-thin outer layer has many features that cyclists need to stay happy, including a water-repellent exterior, removable sleeves, and a cord-lock waist that helps get a tight fit in colder weather.

Machines for Freedom Essential Cycling Short (or Pant), Women’s

We love this brand and, the truth is, every cyclist could use another pair of top-notch cycling shorts. These meticulously designed shorts feature durable inner padding, are clearly made to last, and fit like a glove. That’s a lot of things to love in one pair of shorts! Just be sure to consult their sizing guide in relation to your loved one’s measurements.

Machines for women shorts

Castelli Unlimited with Thermal Jersey, Women’s

Every cyclist loves a good jersey, and they don’t come much better than this one right here. Although it is indeed a bit pricy for a single top, this is an excellent splurge item if you know a woman rider who is hard of her gear and values both durability and style. The performance fabric will stay intact even if snagged on rocks or branches during a tumble on the mountain bike. And, of course, ​​a thermal jersey becomes even more useful this time of year! The sublimation-printed Warmer fabric has a luxurious fleece inside yet offers enough breathability to prevent overheating. In addition, it also provides a snug fit and has pockets on the back that serve as excellent places to stow essentials you might want at arm’s reach.

AfterShokz Conduction Headphones

If you’ve got a music nerd cyclist on your list—check out these headphones. The ingenious design of these wireless cycling headphones means that the wearer can ride safely while enjoying all their favourite tunes. As they don’t get into the ear canal but sit outside it, you can still talk to people and hear cars.

Name Decals

These are a fun gift if you’ve got a cyclist on your list who yearns to see her name in lights (or at least tastefully displayed on her bicycle). Plus, having your name on your bike is a nice touch for the rider who already has it all. Through the website, you can design personalised, high-grade, laser-cut decals using a wide range of flags and logos. There is a choice of five fonts and colour options too!

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to spreading cycling joy this holiday season! But, of course, we also suggest that you include the offer of accompanying your lady on a ride or two as part of your holiday greeting. Venturing out on bikes together is where the real memories are made and, after all, isn’t that what this time of year is all about.