The Best Christmas Cycling Gifts for Kids

By Charlotte Murray

Shopping for loved ones can be much easier when they have a hobby such as cycling as there are so many options for customisation or practical additions. Things that can make their ride a little easier or more enjoyable or something that reminds them of their bike when they’re unlucky enough to not be riding that day. You’re sure to find some inspiration to gift the cyclist in your life (or buy something for yourself!).

Bike Bell or horn 

It often feels like kids love anything which makes a loud noise but this particular thing can come in quite handy on their bike. As they’re speeding their way along a cycleway coming up behind a family, a bell or a horn may be a welcome addition to their bike to warn unsuspecting walkers. Bells and horns can come in all sorts of colours and patterns, meaning you can get something that suits their personality or interests and they’d feel proud to show off on their bike.

Bicycle bell for children
Halfords Kiddmoto Bell – Love, £9.99

A personalised bike print

If everyone in the family has their own bike, why not have these reimagined in art form and proudly displayed above the dining room table? A lovely gift for another cycling family or one to gift your own.

Neck gaiter 

Nobody likes a cold neck (or head, wrist or ears or the myriad other ways you can wear this tube of fabric) except for maybe children who have a tendency to go out in the freezing cold and refuse to put a coat on. But what if this fashionable accessory also had their favourite superhero on it? Or maybe it had all the colours of the rainbow? They might be more inclined to protect themselves from the elements, and that’s what makes it the perfect gift for both adults and children alike. One can never have too many buffs.

Buff Original EcoStretch Neckwear, W-Paint Multi, €14.90

Fingerless gloves 

The same could be said about gloves. Those of us unlucky to have experienced flying over the handlebars and losing the skin on the palms of our hands know that gloves can prevent a lot of hassle. Whilst some may learn the hard way, it can make life a lot easier if your little ones have a pair of fingerless gloves to stick on and make their cycling experience just a little bit safer. Available in a variety of patterns and colours, they’ll not want to take them off.

Helmet cover 

Helmet covers could also be seen as a safety feature in that your child may well be inspired to reach for their helmet consistently when it features LEGO or a Santa hat, depending on the season. Maybe they really want a mohawk but you’re not quite on board with shaving their head just yet, these LYCRA helmet covers can do just the trick. You never know, they might end up wearing their helmet all the time if they love their new hairdo that much, and you’ll never have to worry about a bump again.

Bicycle helmet cover
Helmet Heads Coolcasc – Blocks Helmet Cover, £23.95

Tour De Force by Mark Cavendish

If you’ve got a book-worm teenager or a mum who loves a good read as well as watching the racing, then Mark Cavendish’s new book about his successful return to cycling is an inspiring read.

Tiny, the cycling fox written by Richard Cantle and illustrated by Pip Claffey

A good book will always make a great Christmas gift as something which can be treasured. This recently published children’s book (aimed at ages 2 – 7 years) by Richard Cantle, lovingly illustrated by Pip Claffey is sure to bring joy to both you and your child as a fantastic bedtime story. An inspirational tale, which shares positive messaging around kindness and community, Tiny, the cycling fox will teach valuable lessons through a heart-warming story.

Tiny, the cycling fox

Handlebar Tassels

Nothing says ‘cool’ like tassels streaming in the wind as you’re pedalling along a cycle path, with the wind in your hair. Available in an assortment of colours and combinations to suit your child’s (or your) preferences. The joy they bring to the rider and people passing by is well worth it.


If you’ve got an older, more experienced cyclist who prefers a bit of off-roading, then filming their adventures can provide an exciting new element to their riding. A GoPro with a helmet or chest attachment gives great POV shots and will supply endless exciting footage for their next YouTube video. You never know, you could inspire the next Rachel Atherton.


Kids’ smartwatch

Smartwatches are now a common piece of technology, with many people wearing them in day-to-day life. Your child may be too young for a mobile phone but a smartwatch offers many positives with fewer time-consuming apps. Using their smartwatch in tandem with their cycling may give them an insight into the data such as distance, speed and heart rate, which they can use to their advantage. If they’re not quite so data-motivated, a smartwatch can still be useful to track your child if they’re going out on their bike alone. Some even have a nifty collision warning, which calls an emergency contact in case of an accident.

Fitbit smart watch
Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker for Kids 6+, €71

Bike-wheel lights

Kids often love things that light up, remember light-up trainers? Well, now their bike can be flashing all sorts of colours as they’re pedalling along. Who said safety can’t be fun?

Bike-themed socks

Who doesn’t love new socks?! A timeless classic that the whole family will enjoy. You can’t go wrong with a pair of socks. That first wear before they’re washed is a feeling which is unmatched. You could buy a pair for everyone in your family and nobody would complain, especially if those socks were bike-themed. They could be cycling-specific socks or they could just be covered in bikes. Either way, they’re sure to be a hit.