The Škoda DSI Cycling Academy

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The Škoda DSI Cycling Academy

The Škoda DSI Cycling Academy is a ground-breaking initiative that has given talented young riders the chance to develop their skills under the mentorship of Dame Sarah Storey.

The aim of the Academy is to champion the challengers in female cycling, by supporting young, aspiring riders in their mission to make it pro. To do this, the Academy offers promising female cyclists a pathway to the elite level as well as first-hand experience of life as a professional rider.

Meet the Škoda DSI Cycling Academy team

MENTOR – Dame Sarah Storey

With 14 Paralympic gold medals, 36 World Championship gold medals and 76 World Records to her name, Sarah is one of Britain’s most successful athletes. 


The Škoda DSI Cycling Academy is made up of young, female riders, all with different cycling experience but the same passion, dedication and enthusiasm.

The academy began with four riders (Megan Dickerson, Meredith Gilbert, Morgan Newberry, Rebecca Richards) who have had some brilliant opportunities such as riding stage four of the Tour de France ahead of the race, tackling L’Etape Du Tour and being closely mentored by Dame Sarah Storey.

It’s amazing to meet so many talented female riders from across the country, all of us there because we love and care about the same sport! – Meredith Gilbert

This year, the academy has recruited four additional riders (Olivia French, Gwyneth Parry, Lucy Ellmore and Maddi Aldam-Gates) to join the team. The shortlisted applicants were invited to a testing day with a series of demanding trails and then selected by Dame Sarah Storey to join the initiative.
Find out more about the 2021 testing day here.
We can’t wait to see the journey of our Academy riders.



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