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As Škoda celebrates its 20th year with the Tour de France, we look back on the most prominent changes that happened on pro road racing scene in the past two decades. Le Tour in particular reflects it like no other. Each year, we expect more dynamic racing, earlier breakaways or more intense head-to-head stage finishes. The featured articles below explore the most significant shifts and challenges "La Grande Boucle" has been through since 2004.

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  • team-skoda-conquers-the-donegal-555

    Team Škoda conquers the Donegal 555!

    Škoda has a longstanding affiliation with cycling. In fact, Škoda originally produced bicycles first and foremost, before it developed into the car manufacturer known globally today. In August, Team Škoda participated in the Donegal 555 sportive, a challenging event which sees cyclists conquer the roads…

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