Defying The Odds #4 – Dervla Murphy | The We Love Cycling Ireland Podcast

By We Love Cycling

So far on Defying The Odds, we’ve met guests whose unlikely achievements have changed the game; cyclists who, whether amateur or professional, have forged a path all of their own and shown that anything is possible in the saddle.

And in the annals of cycling history in Ireland – and, indeed, all over the world – a special place will always be reserved for Dervla Murphy. Best known among bike enthusiasts as the author of Full Tilt, the extraordinary story of her solo ride from Ireland to India in 1963, she’s traversed the globe and documented her experiences in 26 travelogues, during an incredible career spanning more than 50 years.

Celebrating her 90th birthday last month, the Waterford native has lost nothing of her trailblazing spirit, boasting a passion for the environment, an arsenal of opinions – and, as you might expect, enough stories to fill a library! Joining host Declan Quigley, she looks back upon a remarkable life – in and out of the saddle.

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Photo credit: John Minihan