Defying The Odds #1 – Philippa Ryder | The We Love Cycling Ireland Podcast

By We Love Cycling

Sport will always have a special place for the fighters; those who’ve overcome adversity and emerged triumphant from the greatest challenges. In our new podcast series, it’s those figures who take centre stage; cycling professionals and enthusiasts who’ve achieved extraordinary things despite the hardships along the way.

To get things started, we were delighted to welcome Philippa Ryder as our first guest. A role model, advocate and activist for LGBTQ+ rights, she’s also got a deep passion for cycling – from the daily commute to competing on the international stage at 57 years old, as she did when collecting three medals at the Gay Games at Paris in 2018.

Her memoir, My Name is Philippa, detailed a remarkable life of personal discovery and cultural transformation; there could be no better guest to begin our podcast series. In conversation with host Declan Quigley, she takes us through her story of ups and downs – and details just how much of the journey was spent in the saddle!

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