Pack Like a Pro: Loading Your Car for an Epic Bikepacking Trip by Juliet Elliott

By Juliet Elliott

Embarking on a bikepacking trip is an exhilarating adventure, but mastering the art of packing efficiently can truly elevate the experience. Properly loading your car for a camping trip is a skill that requires strategic planning and organization. Here are some essential tips to help you pack your car like a pro for your next outdoor getaway.

Start with a packing list

Begin by creating a comprehensive packing list of essential items, grouping them by category or activity. This ensures you don’t overlook any necessities and helps streamline the packing process.

Pack smart, pack small

Utilize space wisely by packing smaller items inside larger ones. For example, store utensils inside pans and sunglasses in shoes. Fill any gaps with socks or beanies to maximize space efficiency.

Group similar items together

Pack items from the same category together to make them easier to find when setting up camp. Consider using hard, lidded boxes if space allows, as they keep things organized and tidy inside your tent. Alternatively, duffel bags are great for smaller vehicles, offering maximum efficiency.

Prioritize heavy items first

Load heavy items and boxes into your vehicle first, ensuring they are securely positioned to distribute weight evenly. Place lighter, softer objects on top and around them, taking care to keep frequently needed items accessible.

Secure loose items

Prevent items from flying around during transit by using bungees or nets to secure them in place. Keep cloth bags handy to corral any random paraphernalia that may accumulate.

Maintain driver visibility

Ensure clear visibility for the driver by avoiding obstruction from packed items. Arrange luggage in a way that doesn’t compromise safety on the road.

Keep essentials within reach

Store frequently used items such as water bottles, snacks, and maps in easily accessible locations during the journey. Consider using car organizers or seatback storage to keep these items conveniently within reach for passengers.

By following these tips and adopting a methodical approach to packing, you can streamline the process and set the stage for a memorable camping trip. A well-packed car not only enhances safety and convenience but also allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors.