Women’s Only Cycling Adventures to Discover in 2024

By Charlotte Murray

Experience the exhilaration of the open road in the company of like-minded women! These women-led cycling expeditions pave the way for an eye-opening journey, inviting you to traverse diverse landscapes while fostering camaraderie, empowerment, and adventure. Each tailored trip offers more than cycling; they have been designed to cultivate an atmosphere that celebrates the power of women on bikes.

The conversation dynamics and camaraderie take on a different vibe on these tours – creating an environment that feels non-threatening, comforting, and emotionally supportive. For those seeking a change in their travel style, these women-only adventures provide an opportunity to partake in an active travel experience that will surely be a highlight of 2024!

GBI Ladies Trainingscamp 2024 – Mallorca, April 7th – 12th, 2024

Embark on an exclusive training experience amidst the serene landscapes of Mallorca during the GBI Ladies Trainingscamp 2024. Nestled at the THB El Cid****, this five-day escapade offers a multifaceted programme tailored for female cyclists. Engage in daily guided tours exploring Mallorca’s diverse regions, complemented by yoga sessions on the beach and thematic workshops, providing comprehensive insights into cycling techniques.

With accommodations conveniently situated at Platja de Can Pastilla, near the airport, participants will enjoy the convenience and immersive training experience without the hassle of hotel transfers. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced rider, or an expert cyclist, this camp caters to diverse performance levels, providing high-quality rental bikes and expertly crafted workshops on nutrition and training planning aligned with the menstrual cycle. It’s an opportunity to forge connections with riders worldwide, sharing unforgettable moments while honing your cycling skills in a supportive and enriching environment.

Women’s Bike Tours Lake Annecy – Dates from April to June 2024

Savour a French cycling escape in the picturesque setting of Lake Annecy with this trip, curated by Practice Bicycle. This cycling holiday promises an ideal balance of scenic routes and leisure, allowing riders to enjoy the joy of collective riding while fostering new friendships. As you pedal through the stunning landscapes of the French Alps, revel in the diversity of cycling routes suitable for various riding abilities.

Unpack just once and cycle daily, allowing ample time to focus solely on riding and relaxing amidst this cycling paradise. Led by Bridget Evans, a cycling aficionado since 1998, the tour guarantees a fully supported experience, providing local insights and professional guidance throughout the journey. Indulge in a cycling holiday that intertwines adventure, relaxation, and the joy of shared riding experiences in one of Europe’s most stunning locations.

Girona Women’s Cycling Camp – May 6th-12th, 2024

Explore the cycling paradise of Girona through an exclusive women’s cycling camp set against Catalonia’s captivating backdrop. This six-day retreat, led by experienced female guides, promises an immersive journey showcasing the region’s diverse terrains and stunning vistas. With its stress-free routes and spectacular scenery, Girona serves as an ideal playground for cyclists of all levels, ensuring an exhilarating experience while riding along the rugged Costa Brava coastline.

The camp’s supportive and fun-filled environment fosters connections among women cyclists, creating a space where riders of varying abilities can revel in the joy of cycling. Immerse yourself in the cycling culture of Girona, relishing delightful gastronomic experiences and soaking in the region’s rich cultural heritage between exhilarating rides.

Women’s Grand Tour – Portugal’s Hidden Gems, group bookings taken throughout the year

Unveil the hidden treasures of Portugal through the Women’s Grand Tour, an exclusive cycling experience curated by Volta. Delve into the heart of Portugal’s landscapes, traversing tranquil roads, ancient olive groves, and enchanting vineyards. This immersive journey invites cyclists to ride mile after mile, immersing themselves in centuries-old history, UNESCO World Heritage Towns, and a rich cultural tapestry.

Wake up to splendid vistas in beautiful hotels, relishing the thrill of pushing your limits while pedalling through breathtaking landscapes. The Women’s Grand Tour is more than just a cycling adventure; it’s an opportunity to stimulate your mind and senses, fostering personal growth while indulging in the pleasures of Portugal’s beauty and rich heritage.

Tasman Great Taste Trail – May 2nd – 5th, 2024

Prepare for a cycling adventure across New Zealand’s Tasman Great Taste Trail, a 175 km loop track showcasing the country’s diverse landscapes. Cycling through coastal wetlands, towering trees, and scenic riversides, participants will traverse a picturesque route encompassing boardwalks, pathways, and backcountry roads.

Set against a backdrop of natural beauty, cyclists will find themselves staying in varied accommodations, from an Eco Lodge to beachside chalets. The detailed gear list, E-bike hire facilities, and professional support ensure a seamless and exhilarating cycling experience for all participants.

Women’s Only Rustic Sardinia – May 12th – 19th, 2024

Explore Sardinia, one of the jewels of Italy. © Profimedia

Mellow Jersey presents a captivating cycling tour through Southern Sardinia, exploring the island’s unspoiled environments and stunning vistas. Commencing in Cagliari and culminating in the charming beach resort of Pula, this tour spans six stages, taking riders on an exploration of stunning climbs and picturesque coastlines.

Following the footsteps of Sardinian culture connoisseur Max Leopold Wagner, the tour delves into historically and culturally rich regions, offering a unique insight into Sardinia’s diverse landscapes and traditions. Embrace the island’s beauty, from the touristy corners to the remote and traditional areas, while relishing the excellent Sardinian food and enjoying leisurely breaks at the island’s many beaches.

Vermont Adventure Retreat – Sept 7 -12th, 2024

Discover Vermont’s allure during an exclusive adventure retreat in the Green Mountains. The Trout Club, a historic private fishing club, serves as the retreat’s idyllic setting, offering world-class cuisine and access to Vermont’s best hiking and biking trails.

Wake up to the natural rhythm of the sun, engaging in gentle morning yoga sessions followed by invigorating mountain bike rides through Vermont’s scenic terrain. Indulge in creative exercises and lectures, fostering personal growth and unleashing your potential while relishing the tranquillity of Vermont’s stunning outdoors.

GBI Ladies Transalp 2024 – September 9th – 14th, 2024

Join the Global Biking Initiative in an exhilarating women-only Transalp journey across the Alps. Traverse Austria and Italy, conquering mountain passes and revelling in the region’s stunning vistas.

Designed for experienced cyclists, the tour demands technical skills and mountain cycling experience, promising an adventure of a lifetime while supporting charitable initiatives worldwide.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in the year ahead — these women-led cycling expeditions capture the spirit of exploration, camaraderie, and empowerment. Offering a supportive environment and diverse experiences, these adventures encourage women to explore the world while fostering connections and personal growth. Gear up and get ready to tap into the power that only a group of strong women can create together!