Happy New Year to All Our Cycling Friends

By Martin Atanasov

2023 is finally out, and 2024 is in. And what a year 2023 was. We saw some fantastic performances both on the road and off it. We witnessed one of the greatest battles in the Tour de France. It was a genuine clash of the Titans between Vingegaard and Pogacar. Though the Tour was the pièce de résistance, there was also the UCI World Championship, where Mathieu van der Poel took the gold after a dramatic final rundown in Glasgow.

But leave the pros aside. We’ve given you a lot of ideas on how to spend your time on your bike, what to do, and what not to do. But alas, the year was only 365 days.

The good news is that the cycle begins anew. Shocking, I know. Something more – 2024 will have one more day for riding and enjoying your time with your best friend – your bike. So, whether you are a roadie, an MTB enthusiast, a weekend warrior, an e-bike rider, a track cyclist, or a commuter, we promise 2024 will be amazing. There are so many things to expect, so many races to prepare for, so many routes to try. There is the Tour de France, which will finish in Nice for the first time ever. The Olympics, with all the cycling events, is also around the corner. The L’etape race will also travel around the world along with countless other small and big events you can participate in.

2023 is finally out, and 2024 is in. © Profimedia

So, it’s time to get your preparation started. That Christmas fluff you carefully put on your belly and ties over the past half a month must go. I know, I know. There is no such thing. You haven’t gained weight. It’s just Santa’s elves who mistakenly took your pants and lycra and left theirs instead. That’s why you barely fit inside. Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly how it happened. Still, you must fit your lycra soon if you want to catch the first events of the year coming as soon as March.

So, you need to lose fat and get back into shape. Easy enough, I hear you mumbling while preparing your running shoes. You may think running is perfect at the moment. After all, you love the outdoors and can even wear identical lycra suits.


First off, jogging is the worst thing you can do after gaining weight. It will inevitably lead to knee pain, an injury, or a back problem. What? You didn’t think I’d leave you without any advice at the start of the new year. What kind of a guilt tripper would I be if I did that?

When it comes to running, your body is not ready. First, you’ve gained some weight over the Christmas holidays, so your joints are not ready to support your weight during long runs. Furthermore, if running is not in your “diet,” and you’ve only been cycling so far, your knee joints are not used to supporting your body weight.

Still, if you insist on running from the new year, just ease into it. Start with slower and shorter distances, just so your body can adapt.

If I’ve dissuaded you and you’re thinking of just starving yourself – well, don’t. A much better plan is to find a sustainable diet and gradually get to your normal weight over time. And for God’s sake, you don’t need a new bike to do it. Just try to buy only one bike this year, OK? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy any cycling gear at all, God forbid. Of course, you will get all sorts of spares, new gear, and gadgets. That’s what cycling is all about. Well, not exactly, but it is a huge part nonetheless. We don’t want to look outdated and cheap and have our bikes on the brink of collapse.

 So, spend wisely and make sure to consult your purchases with someone. No, not your conscience. We all know where this will lead.

Are you ready to start your 2024 on your bike? Are you ready to reach your goals and beyond? Are you ready to improve your riding style, gear, and technique? Good! We will be right beside you as we always have been.

So, happy New 2024 from all of us here at We Love Cycling, and we wish you a lycra-filled new year spent predominantly on two wheels.