6 Actually Useful Last-Minute Online Gifts for Your Favourite Cyclist

By Františka Blažková

Oh no, it happened again. You procrastinated an end-of-the-year present or even presents and now the calendar and shipping times have caught up on you. Luckily, as experts on all things cycling, we can swoop in gracefully and save your honour regarding the perfect last-minute gift for any beloved urban commuter, roadie, and cyclocross, backpacking or BMX aficionado whose fancy you might want to tickle this holiday season.

Bike workshop gift certificate

They might already know how to change a punctured tyre but learning new skills is fun and will last them a lifetime. You have two options here: either you pre-pay a repair voucher at your local cycling workshop in case their bike needs fixing or you can gift them a bike maintenance class if any of the local workshops or cycling-friendly initiatives offer such a thing. It’s a practical present that will always come in handy. 

Event registration gift voucher

If you ever delved into a world of big amateur or semi-pro races, you’re well aware that the starting registration fees don’t come cheap. If you know that your favourite cyclist has their eyes set on some such event for 2024, why not be the one to give them the decisive push? Many of the classics or Grand Tours offer sportives and amateur offshoots, and there are plenty of occasions across MTB, cyclocross, time trial and other cycling disciplines so be sure to search in your rider’s preferred category. You can check out the 2024 season’s list for Europe.

Get your loved ones a registration gift voucher

Vouchers for physiotherapy

Post-ride care is vital especially if you’re an avid and active rider. If you have someone like that in your life who would spend all the time in the saddle and none recovering from it, this gift is the jackpot. If you’re not sure which professional physiotherapist you should call in, a quality masseur or masseuse will do just fine. Pamper them a little!

Periodical coffee delivery subscription

If you spent long enough time around a roadie (like, 30 minutes), you know for a fact that they’re obsessed with coffee and coffee stops. What if a bag of deliciously fragrant roasted coffee beans were to arrive at their doorstep every month or so? In our ever-more-convenient world, a regular subscription delivery is just a few clicks away. As the rule of thumb goes, always try to find local options but if none are feasible, you can count on roasteries such as Bean Bros or get inspired at European Coffee Trip.

And for their 2024 birthday, you can get them a bike-themed thermos to carry on their longer trips. Win-win!

Bicycle thermos

Commit good in their name 

This is ideal for the do-gooder on two wheels in your life. They will appreciate that you wanted to better the world while thinking of them and as a big plus, it ties to their beloved hobby. We suggest you first try to search for local initiatives that might already be close to their heart – Google is your friend. Furthermore, you can get inspired from our last year’s list or aim for those tried-and-tested global charities such as World Bicycle Relief, Cycling Without Age or Bikes Not Bombs.

Bike-themed colouring pages

If you bind it and wrap it really nicely, or maybe even take the time to put together presentable boards, this will come across much better than just a haphazard pile of papers. If your cycling giftee enjoys a quiet meditative sit-down crafting session from time to time, this might be just the thing to butter their toast, so to speak. You can make a selection purely out of your web image search or use photobanks.