7 Great Gifts to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

By Jiri Kaloc

Do you want to help the people in your life make a positive step towards a healthier lifestyle? Here is a gift guide just for you.

Healthy lifestyle gifts can be tricky. There’s a lot of stuff that you can buy that just becomes redundant or overcomplicates things. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, the most effective gifts have two things in common:

  • They remove barriers to doing a healthy habit
  • They increase motivation to stick to a healthy habit

The following list of gift ideas should help with at least one of these things.

A consultation with a nutritionist or health coach

Probably the most effective way of finding out what part of your healthy lifestyle needs attention the most is going to a health coach, lifestyle coach or nutritionist.

The main part of this gift is to do the work of finding someone good. Do the research, ask for recommendations from your social group, read reviews, check out social media. This removes all the barriers for your friend or a family member to finally see a professional who can really help them.

Non-alcoholic gin

Drinking less alcohol is one of the hardest and also one of the most effective healthy lifestyle changes. Having a good substitute can help a ton. If the gift receiver loves to make drinks and the ritual associated with it, Pentire Adrift can be the perfect helper in drinking less alcohol.

Indoor bicycle trainer

Indoor training
There is a lot to choose from in the world of smart trainers these days. © Profimedia

Cycling in winter can be hard so why not remove the barrier to the best hobby? With an indoor trainer, your special person will be able to ride basically whenever. Don’t forget to get them a Zwift membership too to make the indoor ridesengaging. Here’s an article about smart indoor trainers to get you oriented.

Meal delivery service

Knowing what you should eat is half the battle. Unfortunately, the other half of the battle is a LOT harder. People often don’t have the time and discipline to do it consistently. Thankfully, there are now more healthy meal delivery services than ever. Getting a week or a month of prepaid meals can be a great way to kickstart healthy eating habits.

Cooking lessons

When the biggest issue isn’t time but the lack of skills and motivation to spend time in the kitchen, then gifting cooking lessons can be just the thing. Look for something local with good reviews, this shouldn’t be an online course. The hands-on experience is essential.

Sports massage

Rest and recovery are often overlooked as part of a healthy lifestyle. Getting someone who is new to that a massage or sauna voucher or a spa entry may be enough for them to realise how nice it feels. And if you know of a nagging issue or a past injury that keeps popping up, getting a series of physical therapy sessions can be even more beneficial.

Cycling vacation at the Tour de France

There’s nothing like experiencing the Tour de France yourself to make you really motivated and dedicated as a cyclist. The atmosphere is something else, so many like-minded people, the blazing fast peloton, and the wonderful scenery and climbs you can plan to conquer. Check out the official Tour de France Tour Operators if you want the real deal.

If that’s a bit too much, you can always just book accommodation for a cycling holiday to plan together or pay the entry fee to a race. These are short events that can have a positive influence over the entire year leading up to them.