What to Look for This Black Friday

By Martin Atanasov

Black Friday is upon us. May God have mercy on our souls. Well, yes, I’m a bit overdramatic. After all, Black Friday is not black at all. It’s the brightest of all days when we can get some new gear, accessories, and tech with huge discounts. What’s not to love?

Naturally, searching far and wide can be a bit overwhelming, so we did it for you. Now, you can have the best deals without wasting time scrolling endlessly on Google or hoping an ad will target you at the precise moment. So, let’s have a look at what to look for this Black Friday.

New bike

Is there any time of the year when a new bike is not appropriate? Well, I can’t think of one. However, perhaps the best time to get a new bike is Black Friday, as there are some awesome offers all around.

If you are looking for an entry-level bike, perhaps the best place to find a significant discount is Amazon.de. Just don’t expect to see some of the high-quality stuff here. It’s predominantly entry-level bikes. Moreover, if you are interested in getting your kid their first bike, Decathlon is probably the place to check. You will find a vast collection of entry-level kid bikes with at least a 30% discount.

If you want to check out the real deal, Bike24 offers up to 60% discounts on mid-range and high-end bikes like Specialized, BMC, Cannondale, and others. If you are more into MTB, you can also find some Norco models for up to 39% discount and all sorts of other bikes.

Finally, you can also visit Merlin Cycles, where you will find all sorts of bikes with huge discounts ranging from 40 to 60%.

New smart trainer

A bike is nice but winter is upon us and maybe having something to ride at home is not a bad idea. So, why not buy a new smart trainer to keep you company on these long, cold winter nights?

As usual, Black Friday is plentiful on this end. Let’s start with the obvious ones. Wahoo is offering some pretty sweet deals for all of their smart trainers. To make it even more alluring, they even made a collaboration with Zwift. Now, isn’t that nice?

Garmin’s Tacx smart trainer is also a great choice. However, Garmin offers various deals depending on where you live. In general, you can get up to 15% discount on a smart trainer, which is a great way to improve your equipment if you are still on an entry-level technology.

Tacx® NEO 2T Smart Trainer
The Tacx® NEO 2T Smart Trainer

Or you can trust the Italians and go with Elite Direto XR-T Direct Drive Drainer, which you can find with a 22% discount on Bike Discount. You can’t go wrong.

Actually, Bike Discount has some serious discounts on smart trainers, among which is the gorgeous Garmin Neo 2, which you can take with a 400-euro discount. Or the Elite Suito-T, which can be yours for as little as 420 euros.

New bike computer

Speaking of Bike Discount, it’s not a bad idea to check out there for a new bike computer. The Garmin Edge 830 bike computer is now just 240 euros, while its regular price is around 400 euros. The bundle with MTB lock and other accessories will cost you only 300 euros, so if you are up for a more expensive gift for yourself this Christmas, chances are you won’t find a better deal.

Garmin edge bundle

If you are looking for more entry-level computers, Amazon.de is always an option, though I’d suggest not splitting cents when searching for a bike computer, as quality is instrumental here.

Bike24.com will expand your choice with two Wahoo models at a massive discount. With the Elemnt Roam 2, you will save around 7%, while with the ELEMNT BOLT 2.0, you will save 17%.

New bike lights

While we are talking about things to hang on your handlebars, let’s talk about lights. Good lights are a must, especially during the winter months, and if you don’t have a good pair, it’s time to fix that mistake. Of course, there’s no better moment for this than Black Friday.

If you are planning on riding MTB at night this winter, you need a high-end flooder. The SupernovaM99 DY Pro is precisely what you need, and you can get it with a massive 38% discount on Bike24.com. There, you will find a bunch of other solutions if you don’t need such a professional light. Still, the Supernova is among this Black Friday’s best deals. Otherwise, you can also get a nice Sigma Sport Aura front and back bundle with a 42% discount or a low-end Fionic combo for just under 20 euros, with a 58% discount.

Bike Light
Supernova M99 DY Pro

New protection

Along with the lights, you might want to upgrade your protective gear. Chain Reaction is the place to go, as they offer up to 60% off on protective equipment. Whether it’s a full-face MTB helmet, road helmet, knee guards, or body armour, you can find generous discounts all around. It’s a good idea to browse a bit in SigmaSports where you will find some great discounts for helmets not just for you but also for your kid.

Specialized helmet
At Sigma Sports, you can find the Specialized S-WORKS PREVAIL 3 helmet in sale.

New clothing

Finally, let’s not forget clothing. There are hundreds of brands that will try to dispose of their stock this week, so it’s time to pick and choose your brand. Fox Racing, one of the most familiar brands in MTB riding, offers countless discounts of up to 50%. You can get premium jackets, shirts, gloves, and pants at a massive discount.

If you don’t want to go brand by brand, however, you can always trust Bike Discount, where you can find top-notch clothes at lucrative prices and some premium cycling shoes with massive discounts.

Tredz, on the other hand, will offer you up to 65% off all clothing, including shoes, goggles, jackets, and others. And, of course, there are Chain Reaction with up to 60% discounts and Bike24 with up to 50% off on products across the wardrobe.

Are you ready to buy?

Black Friday is the best time for being a cyclist. You will always spend a lot of money on this hobby (or should I say craze) but at least once a year, you can take advantage of the American culture. Yay, capitalism. So, get your credit card ready, and let’s get this shopping therapy going.