How to Pack Your Bike for a Flight by Juliet Elliott

By Juliet Elliott

The cold winter months are taking their toll and suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of scrolling down a website with tips on a winter cycling escape to someplace warmer. If you recognize yourself in this and already decided to take action, read on!

When it’s time to head off on your long-awaited trip aboard with your bike, it pays to take care when packing it into a bike box or bag. By following these simple steps, you stand the best chance of your precious steed making it to your destination unharmed.

1.     Put your bike into the biggest gear – the large chainring at the front and the smallest sprocket at the rear.
2.     Remove your pedals and any batteries and stow them in your bag or place somewhere you won’t forget them.
3.     Remove the wheels.
4.     Remove the rear mech and cable tie to your frame. Most people leave the chain on.
5.     Reinsert your through axles.
6.     Put a brake calliper insert between your disc brake pads.
7.     Keep the stem on and remove the bars. Don’t forget to put your stem face plate back on and replace all the bolts.
8.     Mark your seat post where it exits the frame (consider using electrical tape) and remove it.
9.     Let some air out of your tyres and place them in wheel bags. Consider removing your rotors.
10.  Place everything in your bike box.And finally, pray the baggage handlers treat it nicely!