5 Cool Community-Built Pump Tracks

By Charlotte Murray

Pump tracks are springing up in every corner of the world, providing a fun and thrilling activity that’s great for a range of people. Here we’ve shared some of the cool pump tracks built by and for the community.

First of all, what is a pump track? We’ll assume if you’re here, then you’ll already know. But in case you don’t, a pump track is a circuit consisting of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden by ‘pumping’ – hence the name. Pumping is where a rider generates momentum by up and down body movements, instead of using pedals or pushing power.

Bikepark Allmend, Zürich


Bikepark Allmend in Zürich could be the best urban bike park in Europe! Covering 5,500 square metres, Bikepark Allmend consists of not just one but five courses with three difficulty ratings so there really is something for everyone whether that’s Olympic pros or a balance bike enthusiast. There’s even a training bike track for little ones which boasts 20-centimetre tall waves!

The Bikepark was installed by the city of Zürich and is free to enter, making it a welcoming and encouraging environment for locals and tourists alike whether you just want to give a pump track a go or you’re a seasoned professional.

As one of the largest, free, and publicly-owned bike parks in Europe, Bikepark Allmend deserves a top spot on this list!

Bolehills BMX Track, England UK

Built in the early 80s, Bolehills is a long-standing pump track of almost 40 years. It’s the home of the Sheffield Dirt Society and the stuff of legends. Consisting of a full-size BMX track for more experienced riders with an inner pump track for those just starting out, it’s described as being the ‘perfect skill-honing facility’.

If you want to get stuck in with a community that loves their pump track, the folks at the pump track hold volunteer days to help with the track improvements known as ‘dig days’. They’ve even hosted a tree planting day. Bolehills is a true community effort and a welcome asset to the shredders of Sheffield.

Jössefors Pump Track, Sweden


Jössefors Pump Track in Arvika, Sweden, was created thanks to the brilliant initiative of local firefighters who are passionate about both football and cycling, so they wanted to create a new space for sportspeople from their communities.

The pump track is almost 2,000 square metres, totalling a length of 215 metres. It’s divided into two levels consisting of a children’s loop and the main large pump track. It even includes a unique asphalt jump box!

Pimbo Bike Park, Wales UK


A new bike park based in the North West of England welcomes novice and expert riders. With XC trails as well as a pump track, Pimbo is a great family-friendly option for those wanting a no-frills atmosphere.

They’re still in the process of building trails but if you’re wanting to support a small, community-built and locals-run bike park then this is one to check out. It’ll feel less crowded than the tourist hotspots and maintains a friendly atmosphere for those looking to build confidence.

Centra Sporta kvartāls (central sports district), Latvia

Built by globally renowned pump track makers Vesolutions as a bike park that was built for the locals of Riga, Latvia. This pump track is incredible – and completely free! Located in the centre of the Latvian capital, this track spans 3,000 square metres. As well as the pump track, there’s a skateboard track and a wooden adventure/skill track – an entry-level facility for anyone to learn on.

The pump track is part of a huge sports complex, which hosts a skate park, football field, basketball court, two beach volleyball fields, two multifunctional fields and a long-jump practice section, a huge playground, all the facilities you’d need and equipment rentals too! It may not be community built but it’s the community that makes these places what they are and this one is sure to welcome and inspire lots of pump trackers.

Latvia in general is thought to be a pump track paradise, with 14 pump tracks already and more to come! But this one is certainly the best.

That’s our pick of some of the great pump tracks across Europe. Let us know if you visit any of them!