Indulge Your E-Bike with Special Winter Care

By Adam Marsal

With cold weather and shortening daylight, many riders quit cycling and change their bike for another means of transport. If you follow several basic rules, though, you can enjoy riding an e-bike throughout the whole winter. We asked keen e-biker Richard Gasperotti to share his tricks with us.

Make your e-bike ready for cold days

The procedure of preparing your e-bike for winter is quite similar to the maintenance of every regular bike. Before winter, you’d better check all moving parts including gears, the chain and brake pads. If your bike lacks fenders throughout the rest of the year, you better install them for the period between December and April. Riding in soaked clothing is unpleasant at any time but as soon as the temperature drops to zero, a wet bottom might turn an average morning ride into torture. Fenders protect you reliably against most sprays and splashes you prefer to avoid.

Winter e-bike ride
Prepare for those cold days.

Protect the motor

Put a neoprene cover over the motor to protect it against the aggressive mixture of salt, mud, and snow. One more piece of advice: when you start the ride on snow, keep in mind to have the turbo mode switched off to prevent an uncontrolled wheel-spinning on the slippery surface.

Keep the battery in a warm place

The battery is sensitive to temperatures and tends to lose its capacity in cold weather. A lower capacity affects the range and makes your trips shorter. That’s why experts advise keeping the battery in a dry and warm place. If you cannot keep your e-bike in a heated garage or a cellar, you’d better remove the battery and store it overnight in your home. The battery should only be recharged at room temperatures, too. You can click the battery onto the frame just before the ride. The same applies when you come to your destination like a job or school where, according to experts from the Bosch eBike Systems company, you’d better detach the battery and keep it in your bag over your stay.

E-Bike battery
Keep the battery safe and warm.

Less sweat because of the motor support

When it comes to clothing, e-bikers perspire less than regular cyclists because of the support provided by the motor. With less sweat, you’re more likely to stay in higher thermal comfort. A woollen basic-layer t-shirt, waterproof jacket and pants will make riding more enjoyable.

What if you don’t want to cycle over the wintertime

If you plan to quit cycling for a longer period, the battery and display should be stowed in temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius in the residual capacity between 30 and 60 per cent. A final tip: Unlike many other batteries, the Bosch PowerPacks don’t require recharging before the first ride even after a longer period of inactivity.