Guayén Minchot


Namn: Guayén Minchot
Instagram: @guayenmb
Ålder: 28
Längd: 165
Bor: Stockholm
Familj: sister and parents who live in Spain
Yrke: Structural engineer
Vad jag borde jobba med: I like what I do
Började cykla år: 2000-
Övriga intressen: Cross-country skiing, outdoor sports, engineering.
Inspireras av: people with a passion

Varför sökte du till SKODA Cycling Team? I thought it would be very cool to see how fast a women's team can ride VR, and I really wanted to be a part of it.

Vad betyder cyklingen för dig? For me cycling is health, fitness, friends, freedom, adventure, competition, speed, a way of transport… a complete lifestyle.

Hur känns det med ett helt damlag i år? I think it is great! Cycling is a male dominated sport, and this team gives more women the opportunity of training and riding in a professional environment, surrounded by many strong and inspiring teammates.

Vilket är ditt första intryck av din fadder Hanna Johansson? Hanna is a super strong, decided, and fearless cyclist with many years of experience in international road racing. I have so much to learn from her! 

Vilken roll brukar du fylla i ett lag? I’m very chilled and like to follow the group flow. I always see the positive side of things (a climb is never too steep and the weather never too bad 😉 and I try to express that to others to keep the mood up when things get tough. 

Vilket är ditt starkaste minne på cykeln? Last summer’s bikepacking trip from Kiruna to Stockholm – 16 days of endless gravel roads. Nothing beats the feeling of long days in the saddle, empty trails and a group of good friends.

Vilka är dina styrkor som cyklist? I'm very used to long rides, so I think I can keep up after many hours. I’m very versatile and can quickly adapt to different roles in a race situation.

...och svagheter? I don’t like resting, which sometimes ends up in lots of quantity but perhaps not enough quality training. 

Träningspass du längtar till? Full day ride in the mountains, with long climbs and good company. 

...och pass du gärna skjuter på? A cold, rainy ride, on a boring route.

Hur förbereder du dig mentalt inför Vätternrundan? I look into things that are up to me to control and make sure I get all of it done before the race – having my bike fast and ready, thinking of a nutrition plan for the race, knowing the course in detail etc 

Största rädsla inför loppet? Mechanicals, punctures.

Hur beter du dig när du går in i väggen? I get quiet and my optimism disappears.

Hur firar du efter målgång? A nice meal with teammates!

Zwift eller vintercykling ute?. Vintercykling, eller längdskidor. 100% uteträning
Morgon eller kvällspass? Morgon
Vo2 eller tröskelintervaller?  Tröskel
Träna på känsla eller data? Träna på känsla, kolla på data efter
Fika under eller efter passet? Både 😉
Banan eller energibar i ryggfickan? Banan
Touren eller Vueltan?   La Vuelta a España!
Spurtare eller hjälpryttare? Hjälpryttare