Top tips to make cycling fun for kids this summer!

By We Love Cycling

With the summer holidays on our doorstep, many of us will be turning to cycling; a fantastic sport that promotes physical fitness, means fun in the sun, and also allows for quality family time!

If you’re looking to maximise the enjoyment your kids get from their time in the saddle this summer, we’ve compiled a list of top tips and tricks to get you on your way and help transform cycling into a beloved family past-time…

1. Choose the right bikes

To make cycling enjoyable for kids, it’s essential to ensure they have the appropriate bikes. Pick bicycles that are the right size and suitable for their age and skill level – and consider factors such as adjustable seat heights, easy-to-use gears, and lightweight frames. If possible, involve your children in the bike selection process to make them feel excited and invested in their new wheels..and cycling in general!

2. Start slow and steady

For younger children who are either new to cycling or still building up their confidence, it’s important to start with easy rides. Begin with short trips on flat terrains, such as local parks or quiet residential areas. As their skills progress, gradually introduce longer and more challenging routes. Encourage them to set small goals and celebrate their achievements along the way to show them how enjoyable cycling can be.

3. Plan family cycling adventures to get everyone involved

Research child-friendly cycle routes and amenities in your area. Ireland offers a range of scenic routes suitable for families and beginners. And, we’ve already compiled some of the top recommendations on family-friendly cycling routes so you don’t have to!

BikePark Ireland in Co. Tipperary is a great choice if you’re looking to explore Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands. There are plenty of things to do on-site for all the family to enjoy, including Ireland’s largest pump track, a green trail for beginners, and the Mucky Boot Café which serves sandwiches and ice creams – bound to tickle any taste bud!

4. Organise cycling picnics and make the most out of summer

Combine the joy of cycling with the pleasure of picnicking by organising bike picnics. Pack a delicious lunch which includes the kids’ favourite snacks, and head to a scenic spot along your cycling route. It’s important to regularly take a break, relax and enjoy the surroundings together. Bike picnics not only provide an opportunity for refuelling but also create cherished family memories!

5. Make it a social activity

Encourage your children to invite friends and family members along for a group outing. Riding with peers can make any cycle more enjoyable (for adults as well as little ones!), and the social side may well prove a powerful motivator for your kids to engage with cycling.

6. Incorporate learning at every turn

Transform cycling into an educational experience by incorporating learning opportunities along the way. Encourage your kids to observe and identify different plants, birds, or landmarks during your rides. You can also teach them about road safety rules, bicycle maintenance, or the benefits of an active lifestyle. The Avon in Co. Wicklow is home to the Blessington Greenway, a firm favourite with cycling enthusiasts and nature lovers alike due to its leisurely path around the beautiful Blessington Lakes.

By combining fun with learning, you’ll help foster their curiosity and knowledge, as well as teach them good cycling habits they can take with them through life!

Our guide to family cycles has all the tips and tricks you’ll need to get your little ones cycling crazy…