20 Signs That Reveal You Are a Cyclist

By Adam Marsal

No matter what you do, your life experiences shape your body language. Sometimes you might recognise people’s profession just by looking into their eyes, and cycling is no exemption. After so many years in the saddle, it is easy to distinguish you from a non-cyclist by the following signs.

1. The weather forecast on your phone is set to France throughout July despite the fact that you’re staying at home.

2. You always carry a pump and tools no matter where you go and what kind of transport you take.

3. Your calves are awkward.

4. Your palms look like the palms of hard-working men even though you make big money in the office.

5. You can name the Tour’s participants from the Netherlands and Belgium without a stutter.

6. You say 1.5 metres is a distance that separates life from death.

7. A skid is nothing you can’t handle (most of the time).

8. You were seen buying cereal bars by boxes.

9. Your car carries a strange metal roof rack literally anytime.

10. When it starts to rain, you can fish out a raincoat from your pocket.

Alejandro Valverde
There’s always a raincoat in your pocket. © Profimedia

11. You get to the 20th floor faster than the lift, without getting out of breath.

12. With no job record in the industry, you have profound knowledge of metallurgy and carbon fibre production.

13. You can recognise up to 50 kinds of tyres and tread patterns.

14. You consider the wind direction before saying what time you’ll arrive.

15. Your resting heart rate can be easily confused with the heart rate of a dead person.

16. You’ve been caught using GPS to find your way through the shelves in the supermarket.

17. You don’t cry, it’s just a way to get rid of a fly in the corner of your eye.

18. The temperature in the office is always too hot for you.

19. You never join in watching soccer.

20. The strange tan lines on both your arms and thighs are as sharp as if you took a sunbath using a stencil.