How to Maintain Cycling Weight – Supporting Activities

By Jiri Kaloc

Chasing after weight loss can fill your entire life. Now that you’re at your ideal weight, it’s time to start focusing on other activities and habits to support your weight wellness long term. Let’s dial the diet down a little and work on other aspects of your deep health.

Dial your diet down

Your diet was your main focus during weight loss. That probably means you had to dial down other areas in your life. Maybe you weren’t eating out and socializing as much as a result, maybe you spent a lot of time cooking and didn’t have enough time to relax and unwind properly. The good news is that now, with your optimal weight, you don’t have to put such a premium on diet and you can play with the dials again.

Healthy Dinner
You can dial down on the diet now. © Profimedia

You can dial down your nutrition efforts. You can spend a little less time planning and preparing your meals, you can even eat out sometimes. This all gives you the ability to dial up things like hanging out with friends, focusing on better sleep or adding some cross-training to your cycling.

Develop other aspects of your health

A different way of thinking about this is deep health. We know that your weight and body composition represent only the physical aspect of your overall deep health. Now that you have that in a good place, you can refocus on others like your emotional, environmental, mental, existential or relational health. It might sound like that will distract you too much and your weight will start to slip but most often the opposite happens.

Cycling in nature
Focus on other aspects of your health, such as relational. © Profimedia

New activities will support your weight wellness

Think which aspect of your deep health seems like there’s room for improvement? Where would you most like to grow or do better? Let’s say you focus on your relationships. Having less tension in that area of your life can help you have better sleep which, in turn, reduces hunger and cravings. As you can see, all aspects are connected and the more you improve the easier it will be to keep your weight in a healthy place.

Hopefully, this article showed you that maintaining weight is not only about diet. It’s good to keep an eye on your weight and body composition but what really sets you up for success in the long term is when you dial your supporting activities and aspects of health up.