14 Reasons Why Cycling Alone Is the Best

By Adam Marsal

Riding single in the lockdown period revealed lots of benefits that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Don’t mistake this for endorsing bicycling selfishness but below are the things we really like about riding alone.

The landscape seems almost perfect without the view of someone’s buttocks in spandex.

The grime catapulted into your eyes by the wheels of riders ahead of you is not an issue.

You don’t have to have concerns about the cleanness and odourlessness of your cycling kit.

No doubts about the leader of the group will ever occur since you’re the only one facing the headwind at all times, which is a great prep for racing.

Cycling in the woods. © veloliza / DPphoto / Profimedia

Riding alone abolishes any excuses about other riders having better or lighter bikes, making them faster when climbing. Racing against yourself is always fair.

You must become self-sufficient in terms of bike maintenance.

You’re less likely to forget any necessities like an air pump, a spare tube or a snack since riding alone has given you plenty of lessons that you never can rely on anybody but you. Even if you leave something important at home, you’re still the only one to blame.

The risk of collision in a group is close to a zero.

No talking, just cycling.

No compromises concerning the length of the route. You can ride with no regards to the weaknesses of the rest.

© Profimedia

Riding in a group brings annoying stops for someone else’s needs of all kinds. Riding solo is only about the stops you need and when you need them. No signs, no excuses, no limitations.

A single cyclist is more acceptable for the rest of the traffic than a group of riders that is always inconvenient when it comes to overtaking.

You’re the one who sets the pace.

You can start right at your doorstep at a time that fits you the best without negotiating schedule or route planning.