Non-Traditional Gifts for Cyclists That Go the Extra Mile

By Andrea Champredonde

Have you been naughty or nice this year? It’s hard to believe the December holidays are here already. Or are you looking for inspiration for another special occasion throughout the year? Either way, you’ve got a cyclist on your list, but aren’t sure where to start. Particularly if they’re better equipped than most bike shops.

If you’re fresh out of ideas, we’re here to help. We’ve got you covered with 8 non-traditional gifts to help you in your search. Each one is something any avid cyclist could enjoy alone, or with you, on and off the bike. Time’s a wastin, tick tock, tick tock. Let’s go.

3-D printer

If that special cyclist in your life is also into tech, then a 3-D printer for home use is the answer. The cool thing is that most of the tools to learn how to model and create your own designs on your personal 3-D printer at home are open source and readily available on the internet for free.

What the heck can a cyclist do with a 3-D printer? You’d be surprised. They’re perfect for creating any non-load bearing bits and gadgets for a bike. A few examples are bespoke computer, baggage, camera and light mounts, tracking device holders (Air Tag/Tile) and precise spacer heights for headsets. The sky, or should we say the imagination, is the limit.

Massage voucher

I don’t know any avid cyclist who isn’t envious of the leg massages pros receive. They sit and watch post race interviews with their favourite personality on the table getting a rub. All the while, they are secretly wondering what it must be like to have a soigneur at their disposal to massage their legs after a long day in the saddle.

Now’s your chance to fulfil their daydream. Pamper the ardent cyclist in your life with a leg massage voucher. Getting that lactic acid out post Granfondo or weekend ride with the fast group will do them wonders and give them the taste of the pro-life, even if it’s just for an hour.

Heated gloves, socks, or vest

Heated gloves
Heated gloves made by Nordic Heat

If snow, ice and freezing temperatures in winter are standard where you live, consider a gift that will continue to warm hearts and extremities even once the year-end holidays are over. I’m talking about heated gloves, socks or a vest. Shhh, it’s our secret that these articles of clothing contain a hidden internal heating element powered by a rechargeable external battery.

Let Mother Nature do her worst. These garments will serve their purpose in a variety of winter outdoor activities for years to come. And with a choice of temperature levels, your loved one will be toasty warm and sing your praises on their winter rides.


This idea came to me recently on a ride. Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a drone film me on my bike from above. Don’t you? This is more than possible with today’s choice of drones that are self-piloted and follow you as you ride. Imagine sharing spectacular 4k footage of your favourite route with friends and family, or posting them to your social media account.

Drones are even available in a miniature version. They’re small enough to stow in a rear jersey pocket during the ride until ready to film. And easy to take it along in your suitcase to capture footage of a dream cycling holiday. They create visual memories of your greatest moments on the bike in spectacular settings. Or equally with you and the family for special events, other outdoor activities and holidays.

Shokz OpenRun Pro

Shokz headphones

Inner ear headphones are dangerous when riding your bike. In fact, it’s prohibited in most areas. So don’t even think about it, please. It’s a drag for music, audiobook and podcast lovers. But what if the sound didn’t enter through your ears? No, I’m not mad. I’m referring to bone conduction technology that allows you to remain aware in every situation. The sound passes through contact with your skin and bone outside the ear.

Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones have amazing sound quality, charge quickly, are comfortable to wear and have a 10-hour battery life. They are IP55 water resistant, and so lightweight (25g), you barely notice them. They benefit from Bluetooth 5.1 technology to answer calls, control playback and adjust the volume from a touch of a button. I have a pair myself and they’re perfect for a walk outside or a spin on the smart hometrainer. They come in two sizes and in multiple colours. Go ahead. Sweat your brains out while letting your ears breathe.

Portable espresso machine

The Handpresso runs on a USB-C charged lithium battery

There are lots of portable espresso machines, but they require adding hot water separately. The Handpresso e-presso is different. Add cold water to the top, your favourite capsule or ground coffee, and watch the magic happen. In under four minutes, enjoy up to 60ml of hot, delicious espresso from the included cup anywhere your travels take you. It’s the start of a love story for cyclists who are also coffee fanatics.

The Handpresso runs on a USB-C charged lithium battery. Extract at least 4 espressos from a full charge when starting with cold water. Using hot water extends battery life. Recharging takes 2.5 hours. It weighs 780g, which is less than a full tall water bottle (821g) according to my scale. It’s perfect when no coffee stop is on the route. Slip it into your jersey back pocket or bag. It might even slip into some water bottle cages, or 3-D print one.

Video projector

This gift idea is a brilliant coincidence. We don’t have a TV. But like most, we enjoy watching movies and certain programming. One day, I came across a crowd-funding project for a portable home HD projector. I’d never used or thought about one before, so I took the plunge. When I got it, I connected my Apple TV to it via the HDMI port and voila, instant home cinema.

What I didn’t count on was the joy of watching professional cycling on a big screen. Talk about a front-row seat to the action. And through my connected device, it was easy to open and project the image from my preferred indoor smart trainer app, too. What a difference it makes to the indoor riding experience. It brings the sensation of immersion to a new level. Plus, unlike a TV that is fixed, it’s portable. Move it from the living room to your pain cave in a snap. Or take it on holiday. You’ll thank me later. Look for one with a high CRI (colour rendering index) value for the best results with daytime use.

Items made from old inner tubes

For those gift-givers with an artistic side who prefer to be more hands-on, nothing is more eco-friendly than making useful stuff out of old inner tubes. If you share your home with a cyclist, used tubes may be around the house already. If not, head to your local bike shop (or shops) and load up for free.

Put your imagination to work to upcycling something that would normally end up in the landfill. Wallets, bags, backpacks, belts, chairs and more are fantastic and original gifts any cyclist would love. Look here for an idea or two, then make it yourself. With some scissors, patience, creativity and tub of contact cement, the options are endless

Happy Holidays to our WLC readers!