Some Special Cycling Gifts for Special Cyclists

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

If you haven’t yet bought a special present for your cycling loved one or bestie, what are you waiting for? It’s getting late, especially if you plan on ordering online. Earlier, we suggested a few offbeat presents you could buy for people you like and want to tell them at Christmas. Here are a few ideas for gifts that will honour the love of riding on the road or off it of people who are special to you.

A watch that tracks cycling fitness

For the cycling geek or geekette who gets off on data, how about the Fitbit Versa smartwatch? Fitbit is one of the mainstays in the fitness data market. The Versa offers such useful functions as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with Strava and other apps, plus a battery life of over six days, the company claims. It is available on for €162.59. If you like the idea but want to shop around, Bike Radar has tested most of the available models.

Off-road shoes with on-road comfort

Shimano Off Road Shoes

If your loved one is thinking about transitioning from road to off-road, then Shimano’s RX8 shoes are a great gift idea. To build this ultra-lightweight off-road shoe, Shimano stripped down the elements of an off-road shoe and combined it with the lightweight PU upper of a road shoe. The upper is constructed of one piece with a single offset seam at the heel, is perforated for breathability and has a multicoloured silver camo finish with in-built reflectivity for twilight or night rides. Again, has the best prices, the size 40 going for €189.90. But prices and availability depend on size, so browse carefully.

A camera to make POV videos of the best rides

I’m sure that many cyclists would love to have videos of their coolest rides to show to fellow cycling buffs and friends. The best way to capture the thrill and challenge of a lively off- or on-road ride is with a POV (point of view) GoPro Hero11 Black Mini camera. This tiny marvel offers the same video performance as its big brother, the Hero11 Black, but in a smaller, lighter, simpler design. It features dual mounting fingers, which increase the ways you can mount the camera on your body or helmet. And like the Hero11 Black, the Mini comes with an image sensor that is big enough for vertical shots to share on social media. The Mini is the perfect camera if your loved one wants to show other people what he or she sees on their best rides. And it really is a bargain at €283.68 at, yes,, which is a discount of 20% off the regular price.

Stylish cycling jackets that are also warm

Frida cycling jacket

Cycology is a terrific place to shop if you are looking for colourful and stylish gifts, such as these men’s and women’s cycling jackets. Their features include a windproof and water-resistant front and shoulder area and highly breathable sides and rear for temperature control. The cut and stretch in the fabric ensure a great body fit that seals you off from the weather.

The jackets come in two versions, the lightweight windproof and the windproof winter jackets. The former can be folded into a packable shell that can easily be stashed in a pocket or bag and sells for €129.90. The winter jackets have a denser wind-shield fabric on the front panels and arms and breathable fabric on the back panels to allow heat to escape during intense rides. They also have a high collar to protect you from cold winds. They go for €139.90. More good news: The site offers free shipping for orders over €50.

A beautiful book about mountains to climb

Finally, a cycling gift for the off-season, the book Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs. This is the book about the most challenging ascents in the world. It includes personal accounts of what it is like to climb iconic WorldTour mountains, written by such successful riders as Sean Kelly and Lizzie Deignan. These stories are accompanied by beautiful and dramatic photos of these climbs, all brought together in a gorgeous coffee-table book by photographer/author Michael Blann.

It must be said that the book is not just about the mountains that are used for WorldTour races but also visits those that are significant to cyclists for other reasons, such as Mount Teide in Tenerife or Sa Calobra in Majorca. Because the emphasis is on the mountain itself, in many of the pictures, there is little to see in terms of cyclists or races. Available at bookstores, of course, especially those with a large sports section, and on, for €48.95.

NB: Believe it or not, this article is not an ad for Amazon. It’s just that, given the nature of the beast, the site offers everything that can be bought, and very often at the best available price. I used the site exclusively to save myself the bother of converting from one currency to another. All of these products should be available at all Amazon sites at roughly the equivalent price.