10 Tips for Christmas Gifts for Little Cyclists

By Adam Marsal

Of course, Christmas, at its core, should not be a holiday of materialism but who can resist when the choices are so great and the cycling season so far ahead? Here are 10 things that will make your kids love cycling, even if their only current choice of a riding course is the living room.

POC POCito Crane MIPS Bike Helmet

Price: €44,99

POCito Kids Helmet

Crashes are part and parcel of cycling, which is why it’s absolutely unthinkable to let children ride without a helmet. The designers at the Swedish company POC have implemented the results of their search for the most effective protection in this special helmet. The EPS foam with double density can progressively absorb the energy of a possible impact. The torsional forces caused by friction between the inside of the helmet and the skull are absorbed by the MIPS technology. Fluorescent colours ensure excellent visibility even at long distances or in low light conditions.

Paw Patrol bicycle bell

Price: €4.95

Paw Patrol Bike Bell

If your kids listen to the Paw Patrol theme songs all day long while watching a group of anthropomorphized dogs rescue the citizens of Adventure Bay, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this themed handlebar bell. It can do the same thing as all other bells – alert everyone in the neighbourhood that your little racer is on the way – but given the popularity of this series, it’ll undoubtedly make your children very happy.

Rascal Healthy Bottle

Price: €9

Rascal Healthy Bottle

Children’s tendency to forget to drink leads to premature fatigue on the bike. Experts point out that it’s important to drink plenty and continuously, especially on summer days. A water bottle with an attractive design can also build a better relationship with adequate hydration. Thanks to the high-quality materials and health certificates, the Rascal Fidlock bottle should remain odourless and mould-free.

ZKIXUIWI Kids Bicycle Basket

Price: €32,70


We chose this handlebar basket rather randomly because of its design, and it’s the same with kids’ stuff – if they like it, they’ll use it. There’s always something to carry on a cycling adventure, and it doesn’t have to be practical things like tools or snacks. Of course, if you want to get children excited about cycling, you should puta Barbie doll in the basket or perhaps a small fire engine to play with during breaks. Make sure that the basket has no sharp corners and is easy to wash.

Fox Youth Defend Gloves

Price: €35,71

Fox Youth Gloves

While there is a growing trend among young freeriders to show off without gloves because it’s “cooler”,” falls on bare palms almost always take a toll in the form of a poorly healing injury. If you want to enjoy pain-free riding, you should wear gloves. But it’s not a matter of course to create a glove that fits well, doesn’t chafe the palm and doesn’t cause blisters even on longer rides. That’s why we advise you to choose a tried and tested brand. features touchscreen technology and a material that makes the grip on the handlebars more comfortable.

Rascal Merino T-Shirt

Price: €45

Rascal T-Shirt

If you too have fallen in love with the idea of wearing merino wool clothing, we have good news for you: you can offer your children the same comfort you’re used to from your own cycling experiences. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool helps regulate body temperature: it cools in summer and warms in winter, wicks away sweat, doesn’t smell and dries quickly. It’s also elastic, so it fits well and doesn’t restrict freedom of movement.

Niteize Spokelit Wheel Light

Price: €18

Niteize Wheel light

What looks like a mobile amusement park is actually a very practical device for improving the visibility of little cyclists in traffic. Equipped with two sets of LEDs, the system allows you to select one of four colours or keep the automatic ‘rainbow’ mode activated with self-changing colours. The device works in all weather, including rain, and can be easily attached to any lacing without tools. One battery lasts for up to five hours of operation.

Kids Cycling Caps

Price: £12

Children's Cycling Cap

Parents with a penchant for retro-style cycling will particularly appreciate these children’s caps featuring legendary bike brands. The caps are made from cotton in Italy and feature bright colours and a great finish. They’re available in two sizes for fans of road classics aged 0 to 3 or 4 to 7 years.

Q-MOUNT Easy smartphone grip

Price: €21

Smartphone grip

On the one hand, cycling is one of the few times when you can separate your child from their cell phone. On the other hand, the cell phone is an ideal tool, especially thanks to the GPS navigation that is always in front of you. If you’re a parent who prefers the latter, you’ll appreciate a mount that grips and holds your child’s smartphone effortlessly, even when riding off-road. Q-MOUNT features a quartet of silicone grips that won’t age and perform their function in all temperatures. As soon as you place your phone in the holder, the Q-MOUNT holds it firmly with its “tentacles” and only releases it again when you press the locking mechanisms on the sides.

Handlebar Airplane

Price: €24

Handlebar airplane

A little something can be an added attraction to get your child to spend more time behind the handlebars. The aeroplane is equipped with a propeller that turns in the wind during the ride.

Spokester Bicycle Noise Maker

Price: €18

Bicycle Noise Maker

Let us face it, almost every little child longs to ride a bike. This classic accessory for children’s bikes makes noises like a real motorcycle and costs next to nothing. The robust piece of plastic can rattle for up to hundreds of kilometres and is easy to assemble. The extra noise will delight your child and alert pedestrians and other road users. Each set consists of four parts, which you can divide between several children or replace when it reaches the end of its useful life.