Reviewing the Joyseat by Posedla

By We Love Cycling

Personalisation rules (not only) the world of cycling. Name stickers, original paint jobs, engraved sunglasses, etc. Today, we take a look at what a personalised saddle looks like. 

We got our hands on the Joyseat saddle from the Czech company Posedla, which works with carbon and 3D printing technology. The carbon parts are locally manufactured in the town of Varnsdorf (Czech Republic) where the whole saddle is also assembled and shipped out to customers. The unique 3D printed padding is designed by Posedla and their computational algorithm and printed with a manufacturing partner in Germany.

Today’s situation is fundamentally different from the times when people could only choose saddles according to their taste, availability and perhaps firmness. Virtually every major manufacturer offers saddles in multiple widths so that every cyclist has the option of getting a saddle that matches the width of their sit bones – a crucial factor for a comfortable ride. Posedla goes even further and offers a saddle that is tailored, or rather printed, directly to the cyclist. Let’s take a closer look at such a saddle.

Posedla bicycles
Who wouldn’t dream of a saddle tailored especially for them?

Getting the saddle

Just getting the Posedla saddle is quite an interesting process. After ordering, a box of blue foam will first arrive within a few days. You settle into it, then take a picture of the mould your backside left behind and upload it to the configurator. You fill in your age, weight, riding style, and annual mileage. You can also add a colour insert to the back of the saddle and a short text that will be printed during production. Then you send everything off, done and dusted. Within a couple of weeks, a beautiful box will arrive in the post with your unique saddle inside. Then you just need to install it and take off.


In terms of design, the Joyseat is a classic saddle without any major frills. The base consists of carbon rails fused to a shell made of the same material. The saddle itself is then printed onto this, made of a single piece of material. Everything is complemented by the aforementioned insert in the colour of your choice. The saddle has a hole in the middle to reduce both its weight and potential discomfort.

Joyseat saddle
The clean design of the Joyseat saddle.


What’s it like to ride a unique saddle made for a singular behind? The first impression after getting on the bike felt like meeting an old friend. It’s simply like sitting on a saddle that has been shaped for years underneath you and therefore matches your backside perfectly. Joyseat does this from the first moment.

The saddle we tested was firmer in character, which fits the configured parameters – road bike, 10,000 km annual mileage, sporty riding style. It would be interesting to have a comparison with a saddle that was the result of a touring version of the e-MTB configuration. The question that we can’t answer yet after our editorial test is the saddle’s resistance to damage after a crash in rocky terrain or on a potholed road.


The Joyseat is an interesting alternative to the saddles currently available on the market. As mentioned in the introduction, in an era that is dominated by the personalisation of practically everything, the Joyseat is just the right accessory for those who like this trend.