The Best Bike Lights for Kids

By Charlotte Murray

The days are getting longer, but it always pays to have a good set of lights ready to go. Early spring can be a great time to buy them too, as you’re likely to find plenty of great offers from shops clearing out their winter stock.

From balance-biking toddlers to trail-shredding teenagers, these are some of the best lights available. Also, lights are important for adults as well as kids, so you may even find some for your own adventures.

Wearable lights

For the very smallest of cyclists, it can be difficult to attach rear lights to their bike to increase visibility. Their seatpost is likely too short and too low for good visibility anyway. In this instance, a wearable light is a better option. Clip this wearable light to their coat or backpack and they’ll be visible both on and off the bike. They’re IPX4-rated waterproof, offering visibility even in wet weather. They’re also USB-rechargeable, so you can always have one ready to go when it’s time for an adventure.

Space Vision bike lights

If your priority is enabling your child to see whilst riding their bike, a wearable light can work as well. You may just have to ensure the use of the light isn’t hampered by being too low or if they’re leaning forward a lot. This running light could do the trick and is fully adjustable to fit your child.

Good for winter and fumbly fingers

The small buttons on bike lights can make for hard work when fingers are cold or your little ones are wearing gloves, so these easy click on/off lights are great as you just have to press the lens to toggle on and off. The flexible silicone mounting band means they’re easy to stick on your kid’s bike as they’re heading out the door.

Simple and easy-to-use

If you’re just wanting a simple, rechargeable front light for visibility, this bike light for children’s bikes will do just the trick. It has different levels of brightness using one button and is fully waterproof, and it can fit on those smaller handlebars.

Buzzer and bike light in one

Making sure other people are aware of your child on their bike is always necessary at night, but sometimes also during the day. This is where the bike light and buzzer comes in.

Kids buzzer and light

With 15 different sounds, your child can choose which sound they’d like to make when alerting those in their path to their presence. And, since it provides entertainment, they’re more likely to use it! The silicone band makes it easy to fit, and the light provides a good level of brightness for shining the way.

For the tech-savvy teenagers

You can get an app for just about anything these days, but did you know you can get a bike light that utilises technology too?

The Vodafone Curve bike light is a brake light and GPS tracker in one. It can even detect impacts and request help in the event of a crash. If you’ve got a teenager who is fit enough to go further afield, or likes to seek out new trails in the woods, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can always find them if they need a lift home.

The Vodafone Curve does require a subscription, but there are other free options out there if you’re hoping for a more budget-friendly option.

Extra style points

For an extra pop of colour as well as some much-needed illumination, these KNOG Pop i front lights come in all sorts of colours for even the most fashion-conscious teenagers. Reviews suggest they’re great even for balance-biking toddlers too. They’re powerful for their size and give 180-degree visibility, ensuring your child can see well.

Just for fun

For kids of all ages, spoke lights are great fun. They offer increased visibility, and will impress their friends in the process—win, win!

You can buy lights which are on a strip to attach to the spokes, or you can buy sets of individual LEDs in various colours and arrange them as you wish, making it a fun process for the little ones too. They’re waterproof so you don’t have to worry about wet-weather rides ruining the fun.