AI-Powered Bicycle with Wild Features to Come from Acer

By Monica Buck

The “ebii”, as the bike is called, adapts to the rider’s pedalling power, riding conditions, and preferred level of assistance, while its AI continuously evolves the personalized experience over time. During rides, the controller leverages its AI technology to automatically adjust motor output to provide effortless riding based on users’ pedalling and route environment. It also predictively controls the transmission for a smooth ride free of gear changing.

The wheelset at the motor position has a strong single-sided fork design and a 250/350 W motor with 48 V CAN bus and 40 Nm torque performance, enabling assisted riding of up to 25 kilometres per hour, and can be configured as a front, centre or rear hub according to the rider’s needs.

The bike offers three modes for users to choose from to suit their riding preferences; Eco Mode for power-saving, My ebii Mode for smart balance, and Boost Mode for speed and motor output adjustments based on the current road conditions and distance to the destination.

Both ebii’s headlight and taillight automatically illuminate in the dark, with additional lighting under the vehicle control box to increase visibility during night-time riding. The ebii bike is also equipped with a Rear Collision Warning radar sensor mounted under the seat to alert the rider of motorists or objects approaching from behind. The crash-detection and e-bike health status notification feature also provide riders with greater peace of mind and improves trip planning during travels.

Everything runs on a removable battery that can power up to 110 km of riding and charges to up to 100% in just 2.5 hours, while AI-optimized power distribution helps extend battery life to support a full day’s ride. It is built with a high-integrity design from MPS Energy, which uses a unique cell layout and holder for greater charge protection and safety. The battery can also charge your phone and laptop.

There’s no need to carry a proper bike lock with you as the bike locks itself automatically once your phone is out of connection range. It will also notify you in case someone tries to move the bike without you being there. And in case they would succeed, the GPS positioning will help you find it in no time.

The bike has an alloy frame and weighs 16 kg. Acer puts an emphasis on their airless tyres, which are safe for high-speed riding as they are made with multilayer foam inserts eliminating the worry of flat tyres. Designed with sustainability in mind, the flat-free tyres are also made from closed-loop recyclable materials. The carbon belt drive is said to require no lubrication for maintenance.

It really appears that Acer, which is best known for its laptops, intends to make an impact on the market with a lot of innovative features we haven’t seen before. Unfortunately, the price is yet to be announced.