The New #Ride2Unite Podcast with Viola Brand: ‘You Need to Learn How to Fall Properly’

By We Love Cycling

Another #Ride2Unite podcast is here! Tune in to find about artistic cycling and, most importantly, meet the incredibly strong and disciplined Viola Brand.

We’re used to seeing this world record holder standing on the handlebars of her bike or nonchalantly walking on a wheel. Luckily, this time Viola agreed to sit down with Anna Glowinski and have a virtual chat about what it takes to become a professional artistic cyclist.

When asked about her childhood, Viola revealed that playing with her older brothers and copying all they did, she unknowingly started her incredible career. After their mum read about a local artistic cycling club in the newspaper, she sent Viola’s older brother to join it. However, as any little sister, Viola wanted to do what her brother did: and a future star was born.

What does it take to master artistic cycling tricks (spoiler alert: it takes 10 years!)? Why did Viola decide to retire? And why is she not allowed to talk about vitamin E?

Click play and find out!