Glasgow to Build 270 Kilometres of Cycleways and Footpaths

By Monica Buck

Each home in Glasgow will be no more than 800 metres from segregated cycling infrastructure and each school within 400 m of the main active travel routes. The plan is to allow everyone to reach the main parts of the city within 30 minutes with a focus on the safety of the paths.

The number of people cycling has risen dramatically in the UK over the last few years. That led to a demand for better cycling infrastructure as well. There are still people who oppose the idea, however, Glasgow councillors believe that the new active travel network will bring about a big change.

Councillor Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, said: “Safety is the number one reason for people being discouraged from using active travel and, in particular, cycling. By creating a network of cycle lanes and associated footways that reaches into every corner of the city, we will maximise the opportunity for active travel to be the first choice for everyday journeys.

“Encouraging a shift to the most sustainable form of transporting available to us can make a major contribution to Glasgow’s effort to tackle climate change.

Glasgow cycling
Each home in Glasgow will be no more than 800 metres from segregated cycling infrastructure. © Profimedia

“Glasgow’s population is continuing to rise with the obvious consequence that more and more journeys are being taken in the city. To avoid increasing traffic levels, congestion, air pollution and road safety issues in future, we must provide alternatives for people to get about the city.”

The network will cost an estimated £470m and the initiative to engage the Scottish Government has begun to access financial support from the national active-travel budget.

The strategy will be subjected to public consultation starting mid-October.