Top Irish Cyclists To Follow Online

By We Love Cycling

Social media is so more than just likes and follows, it provides us with a level of access that never existed before. There was a time when we would only see our idols on the TV, in newspapers, magazines or maybe a fleeting glance in the street. But now, we can follow their every move and even interact with them with a simple push of a button –which is invaluable, particularly when it comes to sports! From exclusive training insights and inspirational moments, there’s so much to explore and discover for any cyclist; whether you’re on the saddle for fun or to compete. Here are a handful of the top cycling profiles we think you should be following on Instagram…

Orla Walsh


Three time national champion Orla Walsh does everything but take herself seriously, and we love it! This page will have you in fits of giggles as she rips herself apart with classic throwback photos and hilarious training antics. But behind the comedy there’s a serious story of transformation, as Orla has gone from smoking 20 cigarettes a day to one of Ireland’s most dedicated and accomplished champions. Orla lifts the curtain entirely on what it takes to be a champion, as she covers nutrition and training in brilliant detail. Best of all, she’s not shy in interacting with her followers, highlighting her ups as well as her downs and regularly hosting Q&As.

 Sam Bennett


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This is a must follow for any Irish cycling enthusiast. Sam’s Instagram may not be littered with scenic pics or highlight reels, but it more than makes up for it with behind the scene access videos on his feed and stories. This is a fantastic opportunity to get an inside peek into the biggest international races, and the highest level of training and competition. Plus, if you’re not following Ireland’s best, what are you doing?!

Shane Finn


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Coach Shane Finn pushes the limits of what’s possible and is a must follow if you’re looking for a good mix of endurance and adrenaline. Finn is completely transparent with his training and is always trying to make the impossible possible for his followers. Whether it’s nutrition or training, there’s so much valuable info to take in. He focuses mostly on getting the foundations right and also a little on the more advanced aspects of training and equipment. The fruits of his labours are jaw dropping to boot, with incredible scenic captures from around the world.

 Peter Ryan


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If Instagram is all about inspiration, then look no further than Tipperary man of the year Peter Ryan. Peter was a promising and elite hurler when a rare genetic condition robbed him of 80% of his sight. But whatever sight it took from him, it certainly didn’t take away his vision. From pedal to podium, Peter is an exemplary example of breaking down barriers and powering through adversity. Ryan’s page is filled with motivational posts, both on and off the track, and provides a welcome dose of humility and positivity.

Nicholas Roche


If you’re ever low on lockdown motivation, Nicholas Roche is your man. There’s no such thing as excuses in Roche’s world. He’s provided us with plenty of innovative workout solutions and his general optimistic outlook through it all is something to be applauded. Keeping us in the loop 24/7, this is a great insight into how a professional keeps his mind and body in shape in the face of limited resources. What’s more, his highlight reel and general feed of stunning scenic photos has us dreaming of getting back out on the road.

For more motivation, check out this awesome video with another of our fave cycling personalities, Imogen Cotter


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