Looking For a Fold Up Bike?

By We Love Cycling

That old adage about good things coming in small packages? Well, the growing popularity – and increasing quality – of folding bikes mean that it rings true in the cycling world, too. Whether it’s saving on storage space at home, making the urban commute that little bit smoother, or even making a statement with a high-end model, more and more people are turning to folding options as they hit the saddle.

With an ever-expanding range to pick from, you could be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed; on the other hand, the sheer number of choices means your perfect fit is bound to be out there! With that in mind, we’ve chosen five of the leading options to consider if you fancy joining the fold…


€675, www.skoda.ie

The ultimate all-rounder, the StretchGO is designed with ease of use in mind. Light enough for anyone to pick up and go, it folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds. The easily adjustable seat means taller riders will be comfortable in the saddle, and the seven-speed Shimano drivetrain means you won’t be found wanting when the going gets hilly. Whether it’s a solution for the last mile of your commute or a handy inclusion in the boot of your car, it’s a versatile option at an outstanding price.

Talk to your local Škoda dealer today to find out more.


€320, www.decathlon.ie

French sports retailers Decathlon have been synonymous with cheap and cheerful for years, and their foray into the foldie world is no different. Perfect for those minding the pennies, it’s a no-frills solution that’s sturdier than the price-tag might suggest. It’s a little heavier than other models, and doesn’t fold quite as compactly, but from its impressive gear ratio to useful extras like mudguards and lights, there’s plenty of bang from your buck with one of the most affordable numbers around.


€1,320, https://www.brompton.com/

This London-based brand is often seen as the name in folding bikes, and while it’s towards the pricier end of things, there’s a reason they’ve earned that reputation! This particular model is all about customisation; while the frame and wheels stay the same, you’ll have a chance to pick between four different types of handlebar, along with saddle, gearing and component options, to build your perfect bike. As compact and functional as they come, it’s an outstanding shout for the more serious cyclist…


€1,900, www.airnimal.co

Laughing in the face of those who suggest folding bikes are only suited to city streets, this rugged ride is perfectly capable of navigating the commute – but also for tackling more challenging terrain! Heavy duty wheels and tyres, along with a whopping 27-gear system, means you’ll need to search long and hard for a challenge it can’t meet, yet it’s still light and compact when folded. The price tag is hefty, but if you intend on using your bike beyond the office run it’s a compelling option.


€3,200, www.gocycle.com

OK, so you’ll need to really break the piggy bank open for this one, but what you’re getting is widely regarded as the finest folding e-bike in the world; perfect for those who want the option of easing off on the pedal-pushing! The detachable lithium ion battery charges in seven hours and delivers a 65km range, while the unit is designed to be folded in a mere ten seconds. If money’s no object, and convenience is the name of the game, then look no further!

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