The 4 Biggest Fallacies About E-Bikes

By Adam Marsal

Do you consider e-bikes heavy, ugly, expensive and ridiculous machines for lazy fellows? You may well be wrong in those opinions. Let us tell you the most common misconceptions spread about them.

Myth 1: E-bikes are bulky and ugly.

One of the common mistakes is that e-bikes are monstrous, ugly and, most importantly, exceptionally heavy. That is wrong. Ordinary e-bikes do not weigh much more than traditional bicycles, they even look quite similar these days. Considering the average weight, they are about 5 kilograms heavier than bikes lacking electric motor, which is not that terrible. The additional kilograms are caused mostly by the motor and the battery. Since the battery is usually hidden in the frame, most of the modern e-bikes are now hard to distinguish from the average bikes. Even e-bikes are now the subject of interest for renowned designers that are creating a beautiful product with soul and style.

Customers in the US and Europe are turning to electric bicycles in a very big way and coronavirus is the primary driver of the boom. © Profimedia

Myth 2: They are intended for non-athletes, and seniors only.

E-bikes are made in various designs, but most of them are purposed either for commuting or mountain biking. Modern e-bikes offer the possibility to set the level of provided assistance. You can enjoy the ride just like on a regular bike, and use the electric assistance only in steeper or hilly terrain, or set the support for the whole journey, which might be the choice of older people or riders with weaker fitness conditions.

Myth 3: An e-bike is expensive.

The e-bikes used to indeed expensive, yet it is not the case anymore. Bike shops offer quality e-bikes for even less than €1,000. You can get a non-electric bike for far less money, but also far more, depending on your expectations and preferences. For as much as €1,000, you can have a good looking e-bike with the range up to 70km from one charge.

Woman on e-bike
E-bikes offer the agility and urban fast travel efficiency cars in a traffic jam can only dream of. © Profimedia

Myth 4: You need a driver’s license.

Despite some thoughts, you do not need a driver’s license for an e-bicycle. The electric motor only helps with active pedalling, thus enabling riding as on a classic bicycle, but without unnecessary effort. E-bikes are subject of legislative restrictions in most countries though. The power of the engine is limited up to 250W, active pedalling is compulsory to run the motor, and the speed must not exceed 25km/h.