Colin Furze’s Bike Will Allow You to Have Some Fun AND Keep Your Social Distance

By Tereza Antonova

Most of us would probably agree that our social life hasn’t been exactly thrilling the past couple of months. But there are ways to enhance your pandemic blues, making the day for yourself and, ultimately, for others as well. Colin Furze, a YouTuber, managed to do just that when he constructed a social-distance bike and we think it might be a high time to pull it out of the garage again.

The two-meter (six-feet) tall bicycle made its first trip to a grocery store in April. Coming up with the #lockdownbreaakdown hashtag, Colin assured us that we are not alone with those weird feelings and behaviour we’ve been experiencing in the lockdown. The crafty YouTuber found a way to channel them usefully and built a bicycle that allowed him to ride in the public and meet people and still keep the 2-m social distance.

Colin Furze and his self distancing bike. © Profimedia

Obviously, the special construction poses some challenges. The riding itself is not so hard according to Colin but it is rather challenging when you need to take corners. Also, given the height, the best way to park the Hibike is near a lamppost so you can climb down. Despite these little obstacles, we definitely think Colin’s invention deserves a great cheer.

“Not only am I keeping my social distance, I’m causing a lot of smiles. Everyone’s getting their phones out,” Colin noted. Well, he definitely made us smile. Check out the video and join the happy crowd!